5 Best 100 Percent Cheapest Wool Rugs On Amazon for Living Room

What are the best cheapest wool rugs?

In this post, we are going to talk about some of the best 100 percent wool rugs on Amazon made from high-quality fiber.

Most of these are wool rugs found on Amazon at affordable prices and in multiple designs.

Also, they can be used in different home spaces like the best wool rugs for living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, decks, poor areas, and more!


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#1 NuLOOM Hand Woven Ago Wool Area Rug

This NuLOOM Hand Woven Ago Wool Area Rug has these properties;

Material: Made from a mixture of wool and cotton in the ratio of 80% to 20% respectively.

Country of origin: India (read this post to discover which country makes the best rugs)

The Make: It is hand woven using a construction method known as tufting.

Recommended cleaning method: regular vacuuming and spot cleaning of stains and spills. This rug is easy to clean because it’s lightweight (about 10 kilograms) and also, small in size (7 ft 6 in x 9 ft 6 in).

Style: This rug will add a contemporary and chic décor touch to your living space.

Stretching method: Lay the rug flat on the floor and let it settle for a few days or weeks before using how to flatten rug methods of removing creases, folds, and bumps from the rug.

Pile: It has a medium height pile, a feature which makes this rug usable in the Kitchen, decks, poor areas, and baby playrooms among other high-traffic areas in your home.



#2 Yilong Handmade Afghan Rug

This Yilong Handmade Afghan Rug has the properties below;

Material: It is made from a blend of two high-quality natural fibers (wool and silk).

Style: Made to reinforce the traditional design of oriental and antique rugs.

Recommended cleaning method: The fact that this rug is made from 100% natural materials, it is stain-resistant making it to clean with multiple wool rug cleaning methods.

Eco-friendly: This rug has non-shedding, sound absorption, and anti-fading properties which makes it hypoallergenic and non-toxic.



#3 Lahome Collection Modern Floral Area Rug

This Lahome Collection Modern Floral Area Rug has the properties below;

Skidding: Your floors are fully protected because this rug comes with a non-slip rubber backing. This way you get to save an extra budget that would have gone to buying a rug pad. Also, you get to make your home accident-free for pets, elderly people, and babies who are likely to slip and fall from a moving rug.

Style: This rug brings out a sophisticated style reinforced by the patterns and floral design, which can blend with any neutral existing home décor.

Material: It is made from 100% faux fur wool fiber.

Usage: Apart from being a perfect floor rug for the bedrooms, dining rooms, or living rooms, it can also be used as a vintage throw or accent rug.

Recommended cleaning method: This is a machine-washable rug, which should also be vacuumed regularly to eliminate any dirt build-up.

Unrolling: Within 1-2 weeks the temporary creases/folds of a new rug should go away. If not, they recommend you roll the rug in the opposite direction, then lay it flat again. If that does not work, see these guides on how to straighten a rug that has been folded.

Comfort: This is an extremely soft, comfortable, and breathable rug, which is friendly to bare feet and touch.

Size: This rug can be cut into small sizes, which are perfect for entryways and other low-profile areas.



#4 Derwent Sheepskin Wool Area Rug

This Derwent Sheepskin Wool Area Rug has the properties below;

Size: It comes in different sizes such as 2x3ft, 2x6ft, and 4x6ft among others. You shall shop the ideal size depending on the surface you are going to use it on like the bedside, blanket, or chair pad among others.

Material: It is made from 100% wool fiber extracted from New Zealand sheepskin. This is known to be the best because it’s not usually treated with harsh chemicals like other sheep fur. This will make your rug durable, safe for babies, and hypoallergenic.

Recommended cleaning method: They recommend you only use professional dry cleaning or occasional spot cleaning.

Usage: Apart from being a floor rug, it can be used as a blanket or a decorative piece in sofa sets.

Comfort: It has a 6cm pile height, which is thick enough to make the rug soft, warm, comfortable, and breathable.

Quality: The fact that this rug is made from 100% sheepskin fur, makes it a natural insulator and resistant to stains and abrasion.

Durability: In most cases, sheep fur must be treated with harsh chemicals and dyes to make it soft. The fact that such products are not used on this rug, makes it resistant to wear and tear for longer periods.



#5 Calore Modern Oriental Faux Wool Area Rug

This Calore Modern Oriental Faux Wool Area Rug has the following properties;

Design & Style: The make brings out an oriental traditional look, and the floral pattern is a modern sophisticated style that will compliment your furniture and wall art.

Suitability: This rug can be used in any room (living, kids, dining, conference, study, dorm, and more)

Recommended cleaning method: Vacuum out excess dirt, spot clean stains, and then air-dry to restore the fluff feel.

Pile: This is a high pile rug with a double thickness compared to other wool rugs. This feature prevents the formation of wrinkles. Also, it makes this rug comfortable and warm to the feet.

Safety: It has a rubber backing, which makes this rug non-skid to prevent all slip or fall accidents in your home.


Wrapping It Up

Those are the best cheapest wool rugs on Amazon selling for very affordable prices.

When buying a wool rug, you need to consider your budget and existing home needs.

In terms of budget, most handmade 100% wool fiber rugs created through weaving or knotting are very expensive, when compared to machine-made wool rugs created through tufting.

If your home has high foot traffic, a 100% wool rug will last longer than one, which is mixed with other fibers.

Therefore, when choosing one of these “cheapest wool rugs“, remember to consider quality over your budget. It’s better to stay without a rug than get one that will eventually damage your expensive floors or become environmentally unfriendly.


5 Best 100 Percent Cheapest Wool Rugs On Amazon for Living Room


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