Welcome to this guide on how to spot clean a wool rug.

There are TWO MAIN instances when you might need to spot clean a wool rug;

  • Removing stains on specific spots of the rug (how to clean wool rug stain)
  • Cleaning a small mess like a spill immediately after it occurs.

If you do not have time or are afraid of damaging your wool rug, I would recommend you seek professional wool rug cleaning services.

In case you do not have a budget for that, do not worry because I am going to show you how to clean a wool rug yourself using the spot cleaning method at home.


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#1 Remember Wool Is Susceptible To Water

Definitely, spot cleaning is a method where the use of moisture from either water or a liquid cleaning solution is unavoidable.

You must remember that wool is susceptible to water because it does not dry faster, which means the rug can easily become a breeding ground for bad odors and rug moths.

Again, wool is made from natural materials, which are easily damaged by moisture. Therefore, using too much water on your wool rug equals reducing its life span.

It is safe to use equipment that will only spray little water on your rug during spot cleanings like a spray bottle or a quasar sprayer.

When spraying the water on the rug, maintain a three to four inches distance away from the rug to avoid soaking it.

Another thing you can do to limit the use of too much water is to pick a powder-based cleaning solution over a liquid one.

#2 Remember Wool Is Delicate

I already stated that wool is made from natural materials using handmade techniques like tufting and knotting.

To keep that natural look, you must limit the use of rough objects during spot cleaning. If you decide to use a wool rug brush or sponge during the process, make sure they are extremely soft.

You must also maintain a steady and gentle motion pattern when using such objects.

Most 100% wool rugs come with manufacturers’ instructions. Make sure you read those before you choose your cleaning agents and solutions.

If those instructions are not available, test the cleaning supplies on an inconspicuous area of the rug such as the corners. If you notice any discoloration, sprouting, or weakening, do not proceed with using that substance on the whole rug.

#3 Vacuum First

A rug that has not been washed for some time will always have dust, dirt, and debris in its fibers even if they cannot be seen on the surface.

Some of those can worsen the stain when you spray some water or cleaning solution on the rug.

Vacuuming the wool rug first before spot cleaning helps you to avoid such messes. Also, it will make the process faster and more effective.

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#4 Use This Spot Cleaning Process

Step One: Lay the rug flat on an open floor surface, which is well lit so that all the stains spots are visible.

Step Two: Identity the different stain or dirt spots because you are going to clean them one by one.

Step Three: Spray some water on the rug using a sprayer. Remember to be at least four inches away when doing that to minimize the possibility of soaking the spot.

Step Four: Dip a brush with smooth & gentle bristles in a cleaning agent, and then brush it through gently on the stain spot.

Step Five: Spray some water once again

Step Six: Vacuum out the excess moisture and stain residual

Step Seven: Bloat out with a microfiber towel

Step Eight: Repeat if the stain still exists.

Step Nine: Make sure you give the rug some time to completely dry before using it.



#5 Check Out Other Wool Rug Cleaning Methods

If the stain is still present even after following the recommendations above, now is time to consider a different cleaning method like;

The baking Soda Cleaning process for water-based stains with too much moisture and deodorizing.

Steam cleaning for oil-based stains, old stains, and killing off germs, viruses, molds, and moths.

Consider the dry cleaning method for water-based stains.

If the manufacturer’s instructions recommend it, consider machine-washing the wool rug.

How To Spot Clean A Wool Rug

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