1. Sierra Concepts Front Door Mat & Entryway Outdoor Rug

It is cost-saving because it comes in a pack of 2 entryway rugs.

Its made from polyester material, which is durable and a recommended material for high traffic areas.

It’s a heavy-duty rug, a property which makes it highly durable and long-lasting.

It can be easily cleaned using simple methods like shaking it off, horsing off and sweeping among others.

Apart from being used in entryways, you can also use it in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, laundry room, outdoor spaces like the patio and other high traffic areas.

It comes in black and gray color shades, which do not show dirt easily and also blend well with any existing home décor designs.

The stripped pattern on this rug can further complement your existing home décor scheme.

This rug is highly affordable. You get it with $20, and you shall be getting two rugs, which means you will buy each at $10.

This rug is highly loved by Amazon shoppers who have given it more than 18,000 reviews, which most are positive.



2. Beneathyourfeet Doormat & Low-Profile Floor Rug

As long as you use this rug on a dry surface, it has non-slip properties to prevent occurrence of slips and falls which can very dangerous in a home with elderly people, babies and pets.

It is a low-profile entryway rug, which comes in the right size which is not too large to get stuck when opening or closing doors.

The rug is very easy to clean with simple methods like shaking dust and debris off outside, hosing down or vacuuming. Make sure you leave the rug completely dry after cleaning to keep away strong odors from mildew, mold and other microorganisms.

It has a concave mesh-like surface, which traps dirt on your shoes well to avoid taking the debris and dust inside the house.

It is made from PVC material, which is very durable. You can be sure this rug will serve you for several years since its resistant to fading, wear and tear.

It comes with an embossed “hello” writing which will give your visitors a warm welcome to your home. It further helps to beautify the rug as opposed to if it was just plain with no writing.

This rug is multi-purpose, which means other than on the entryways you can use it on the stairs, patio, garage, bathroom, kitchen, hallway and other high traffic areas.

You get this rug with less than $15, which is a cheap price considering the fact that you get a rug which is highly durable.

This rug has more than 2,500 positive reviews on Amazon, which are left by customers who have tested the quality of this mat and loved it.


3. Amagabeli Low Profile Rug for Front Door Entrance

This rug is made from Polypropylene, which is one of the most recommended rug materials for entrance rugs, especially those on hardwood floors.

It is a heavy-duty rug which is twice thicker and less lightweight than most entryway rugs, a property which makes this rug highly durable, wear resistant and long-lasting.

It has a special mesh-like surface, which helps to trap dirt and absorb moisture and dirt easily.

The fact that it made from rubber material means that its is water-resistant. Because of this property, this rug dries fast and it does not trap any moisture likely to be a breeding place for rug moths and bad rug odors.

This rug is highly versatile because it can be used in multiple surfaces like the garden, front door, exterior patio and garage on all weather conditions.

It is made from a rubber backing, a feature which makes this rug non-skid to prevent the occurrence of any slip and fall accidents.

To clean this rug all you need is a hand-help vacuum cleaner or a simple broom and you can get most of the dust and dirt. You can also use other cost-friendly methods like shaking dirt off outside or hosing down the rug.

With just $16 you can get this amazing and highly durable rug with over 2,500 positive reviews on Amazon.




4. HappyTrends Entryway Welcome Mat Rugs

This rug is made from eco-friendly material, which means it can be used even in homes with allergy suffers.

The rug material is also durable and wear-resistant, a property which makes it long-lasting even when used in high traffic areas.

It is made with a non-skid rubber backing which helps to keep the rug in place and keep away accidents and also helps to flatten the rug.

This rug is not colorfast and also its color holds for long even when exposed to sunlight.

It comes in a set of two rugs, a feature which makes getting this cost-saving since you getting it for $22 which means you getting one rug for $11.

It is made from a fabric which will easily trap moisture, dust and mud on shoes, and this keeps away from taking the footprints into the house.

This rug just needs simple cleaning processes like vacuuming, sweeping, shaking off and hosing off because it’s easy to maintain.

Apart from entrances and front doors, this rug can also be used in the lobby, garage, laundry rooms and hallways among other high traffic places.


5. Gorilla Grip Rug Mats for Entry, Patio & Busy Areas

Made from polypropylene material, which is highly recommended for use in high traffic areas.

It has a rubber backing, which plays the role of helping to stop the rug from moving and also keep away folds, creases and bumps.

It’s a highly versatile piece of rug which can be used in multiples places in your home like the patio, garage, barn, driveway and many other busy areas.

You can clean this rug easily with simple methods like vacuuming, hosing off or sweeping among others.

You can get this rug with over 24,000 reviews on Amazon with less than $25, which is really an affordable price given the fact that this piece is highly durable and efficient.


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Rug Color

Bright colors such as whites, creams, pinks, and other types of solid colors will show stains easily. Thus, you need dark shade colors like black or gray.


Rug Pattern

Rugs with patterns tend to easily camouflage spill stains, pet hair, dust, and other types of dirt. 


Rug Material

High traffic rugs are made from these five rug materials: wool, nylon, polypropylene, cotton, and natural fiber.


Rug Pile

The best rugs for high traffic areas are those with low pile because the low pile makes them easy to clean. That is the reason you need to avoid plush and shag rugs in high traffic places because they have high pile.


Rug Fiber

The best rugs for high traffic areas are those with high fiber density because the high fiber density makes them durable.


Rug Backing

Go for rugs with a non-slip backing or those where you can use a rug pad. Backing is added to a rug to make it non-skid, a property which helps to keep the rug in place and eliminate any slipping and moving relocation.


Rug Cleaning

Entrances are dirt-prone areas where all the dust, mud and water carried by shoes of pet feet are left. For that reason, you need a rug which will be easy to clean using simple methods like spot cleaning, vacuuming and machine washing.


Rug Marketing

Look for rugs marketed as; “stain resistant”, “outdoor rugs”, “low pile”, “non-skid”, “high traffic rug”, “entryway rug” among others.


Note: You read more about these qualities on this post, Best Rug For High Traffic Area, where they are fully explained.


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