Welcome to this guide on how to stop wool rug from shedding.

Rug shedding is not loved by many homeowners because it makes the living space look dirty, and it can trigger allergic reactions (see the best rugs for allergy suffers).

Yes, you can use quick fixes like a wool spray to stop rug shedding, but these can become toxic when the wrong choice is made.

Therefore, read this guide to see some of the safe and natural ways of stopping wool rug shedding. 


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#1 Understand Why Do Wool Rugs Shed?



A new wool rug will shed for about three months or so.

Also, a very old rug that has undergone too much wear and tear will shed too.



Some rugs are made from 100% high-quality wool fiber, while others are not.

Such rugs rarely shed when compared to their counterparts. However, most people cannot afford a 100% wool rug because they are usually very expensive.

Also, the source of the wool fiber material also matters a lot. For example, wool rugs from sheep shed more because the fiber is first treated with adhesives to make it softer before it’s used to make the rug.



There are two methods used to make wool rugs: hand-made and machine-made.

Handmade processes come up with hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs, which are very durable and shed less. The threads and wefts used in these rugs are tightly and closely warped together such that the rug is able to retain a sound structure even in high-traffic areas over a long time.

Modern techniques like hand tufting are used to make machine-made rugs. The upside of these rugs is that they are cheap, affordable, and too available. The problem is that the tufts are glued together which means they can easily fall out when the glue adhesive strength decreases. This is the reason why such rugs are more prone to shedding.



How often do you clean your wool rug?

Are you using the right vacuum for your wool rug?

A rug must be cared for properly to reduce the occurrence of problems like rug shedding.


#2 Use Spray To Stop Rug Shedding

Using a wool rug shedding spray can prevent or minimize shedding in the following ways;

Firstly, you shall eliminate shedding resulting from cleaning the rug too many times because the spray protects the rug by repelling stains and resisting dirt.

Secondly, the spray loses stains making cleaning the rug easy with simple methods like spot cleaning. This saves you from using deep cleaning methods like vacuuming so many times, helping reduce shedding.


#3 Practise Proper Vacuuming

Wool rug vacuuming can trigger shedding if the following guidelines are not followed;

Frequency: Too much vacuuming is not advisable. Once to two times per week is highly recommended depending on the traffic in your home.

Weight & Size: Use a light vacuum instead of a heavy-duty one to avoid putting too much pressure and stress on the fibers.

Type of vacuum: A vacuum with high suction power, a non-adjustable beater bar, and hard brush bristles will trigger shedding in your wool rug. Make sure you get the best vacuum for wool rugs with a balance on these elements or one with vibration technology.


#4 Use a Rug Pad

Using a rug pad underneath your wool rugs can help eliminate shedding in the following circumstances;

High traffic areas: A wool rug in the kitchen or living room will tend to shed more than one in the guest house because it’s being used more. A rug pad protects the backside of the rug from being damaged by too much pressure from foot traffic and the floors.

Moisture: Sometimes moisture from humidity problems or poor methods of cleaning can slowly find its way under your wool rugs. A rug pad traps that moisture and prevents it from getting into the rug fibers directly.

Wear & Tear: If too much debris and dirt is trapped in the rug fiber, it gets matted down. A rug pad slows this process down by bearing the excess pressure exerted by those elements.



#5 Practice Aging Reduction

As a wool rug ages more, the shedding increases. Below are some of the things you can do to slow down the aging process;

Rotate: To promote even wearing of your wool rug in all areas, make sure you rotate it often.

Shop for quality: Yes, 100% wool rugs are very expensive, but they are the most durable with the longest lifespan of up to 5 years or more.

Treat: You can use a rug protector treatment to block stains, increase dirt repellency, make cleaning easier, and eventually increase the longevity of your wool rug.


#6 Manage Wear & Tear

There are many wear and tear processes, such are sprouting, loosening, and fraying that can promote shedding, and this is how to deal with them;

Sprouting: NEVER! Pull out the sprouting threads or wefts, cutting them with a sharp object like scissors is better.

Tufts fraying: If you notice any tufts protruding on the sides, don’t pull them out, instead trim them with sharp scissors.

Loosening: Take your rug out weekly, hang it on a carpet rake then use a brush or your hand to remove loose fibers gently.

Note: The carpet rake and brush must be soft to avoid triggering further shedding.

You can also up on some gloves on your hand as you move it around the rug to prevent damage from long nails.


How To Stop Wool Rug From Shedding? 


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