In this post, we explore the best rugs for babies to crawl on.

Such a rug must have the following properties:

  • Soft and smooth to keep the baby warm and comfortable as they crawl.
  • Hypo-allergic to avoid causing any skin itching and other allergic reactions to the baby.
  • Easy to clean because small babies make lots of messes as they move around.
  • Durable to withstand the high foot traffic and pressure exerted by heavy items placed on the rug, such as cribs and changing tables, among others.
  • Safe in multiple ways. For example, it should be moth repellent, non-slip to keep it in place, mildew resistant, and non-shedding.
  • The color must be bright to grab the baby’s attention and also match the existing color scheme of the whole room.

This post will recommend the best six rug materials for babies and six best specific rugs you can buy now for your baby.

Pro Tip: Look for rugs marketed or described with these phrases, “nursery rugs,” “kids playroom rugs,” “kid-friendly rugs,” “non-toxic rugs,” “baby rugs” and “baby safe rugs,” when shopping for best rugs for babies to crawl on.





The following properties make wool rug materials ideal for baby nurseries and playrooms:

Made from Natural materials: This means the process of creating this rug does not involve the use of chemicals that might cause itching or other forms of reactions to your baby. Check out other types of natural Persian rugs.

Flame resistant: Accidents occur all the time in a home, and fire-related ones are no exception. This feature adds to the safety of your child.

Durable: This rug material is recommended for high traffic areas such as the kid’s playroom because it will resist wear and tear caused by the foot traffic, the weight of heavy cribs, rocking chairs, changing tables, and other items.

Hypo-allergic: Smells, dust, mold, and other triggers are common causes of allergies. Wool rugs are ideal for kids prone to allergies.

Easy to wash: Active babies will often spill or drop things on the rug, making them dirty quickly.


Polyester rugs are an ideal choice with babies due to these features;

Soft and silky to add warmth and comfort to your baby while they crawl.

Highly durable, which means it will last longer despite heavy foot traffic use.

Resistant to harmful chemicals, pests, and mold, which further adds to the safety of your baby.

Easy to clean because the material is stain-resistant and dirt-free caused by the many messes small babies make.

Pro Tip: Wool rugs are the best choice for babies. The problem is that they are usually costly. The next pocket-friendly rug material with similar properties as wool is Polyester.



Cotton rugs are ideal for small babies learning to crawl due to the following properties:

Lightweight: This makes it easy to clean and also more comfortable for the tiny baby.

Breathable: Small babies’ rugs are small and not fully developed. This feature keeps them from suffocation or any other related complication.

Soft: Cotton is exceptionally soft, a feature that will keep the baby’s skin warm and comfortable while they crawl.


Nylon rugs are an ideal choice for baby nursery and kids’ playroom due to the following features:

Soft and smooth: This provides comfort, warmth, and safety to your crawling baby.

Safe: These types of rugs are resistant to many things like mildew smells, insects, chemicals, moths, and other toxic materials that might irritate your baby’s skin or cause health complications to incase the baby swallows it by mistake.

Easy to clean: This material is resistant to all types of dirt, which makes it easy to spot clean it with mild rug shampoo or detergent.


Jute rugs have the following properties which make them ideal for babies to crawl on:

Natural fibers: This makes them environmentally friendly and non-toxic to your baby. Jute resists all harmful toxins, which means your baby’s skin will be safe from any allergic reactions or itching. Turkish and Persian rugs are other types of natural fiber rugs you can check out.

Easy to clean: Vacuuming or spot cleaning will do if you want to remove stains caused by spills.

Handmade: A feature which makes them durable, high foot traffic areas rugs and pet-friendly rugs since they are resistant to wear, tear, and dirt.


Acrylic rugs have the following features which make it ideal for your baby:

Mothproof:  This rug material is moth repellent. A crawling baby can eat moth pupa eggs or larvae hidden on the rug fibers. Also, the moths can cause itching on the baby’s skin, and some might attach to them, causing an allergic reaction.

Soft: this makes the rug warm and comfortable for your little one.

Beautiful: They come in beautiful colors and patterns, which will make your home more aesthetic and also aid in the baby’s learning and excitement.


Yes because….

Polypropylene is also known as Olefin. It is a type of synthetic rug. That means it is a machine-made rug.

It is durable: The lifespan of a synthetic rug is 3-5 years, which means a Polypropylene rug will have served you for sometime before you think of replacing it with a new one.

Affordable: Unlike other synthetic rug materials like Nylon or natural fiber rugs materials like Wool, Polypropylene is pocket-friendly because they come at lower prices.

Easy to clean: You do not have to worry about the messes your baby will make because they can be easily removed.

No, because….

Non-resilient: They become dull-looking quickly, especially when exposed to the sun or high foot traffic. Therefore, they will show signs of wear and tear more than other rugs. Unlike natural rugs, this one has an expiry date and must be thrown away at some point when the wear and tear start to show too much.

Chemical-treated: Being a synthetic rug, it is treated with chemicals to make it stain-resistant. These chemicals can be harmful and toxic to your baby or environment.




Described as ideal for high foot traffic areas in your home, kid friendly and pet friendly.

It is resistant to mold, water, mildew, shedding, and stains.

It is easy to clean through regular vacuuming or spot cleaning with a damp towel.

It is made from Polypropylene material with a cotton backing, which are two recommended rug materials for baby rugs.

It is highly soft to provide warmth and comfort for your baby.

Another similar rug to this one is the Unique Loom Trellis Morccan Area Rug


It is fluffy and soft to add warmth and comfort to your baby.

It has non-skip properties that keep the rug in place, preventing any slip and fall accidents to your babies.

It is multi-purpose because you can also use it in the bedroom and Livingroom aside from the baby nursery or kids’ playroom.

It is easy to wash by hand or spot cleaning it with a wet cloth.

It is large enough for your baby to crawl and roll on without getting any accidents.


A supper soft, smooth and fluffy rug which will keep your baby comfortable and warm when they crawl.

It has a non-slip rubber backing, which will ensure the rug stays in place on wood, carpeted, and other types of floors.

It is versatile because apart from being used in the baby nursery, it can also be used in the bedroom, study room, living room, and other spaces in your home.

It has a modern beautiful and classy style which will make your home look classy and well decorated.

It can be machine-washed as long as you put it in the laundry bad then thoroughly dry it outside, not using the machine. You can also vacuum it up, hand wash it or spot clean it.



Made from Polyester material one of the most recommended rug materials for babies to crawl on.

It comes in bright, beautiful colors, such as purple, pink, green, and silver, among others, which will excite the baby’s attention and learning.

It is easy to install and clean through vacuuming, hand washing, or spot cleaning.

Apart from baby rooms and nurseries, It can also be used in the Living room and bedroom.



Made from Polypropylene a very durable rug material recommended for pets, kids and high traffic areas. This material also has a jute backing which makes it more durable.

It is stain and dirt resistant, which makes it easy to vacuum it up, then spot clean it to remove visible stains and restore the fibers to their original new look.

It is thick and soft, which will make your baby warm and comfortable.

This particular rug is rectangular, but you can also get the Round Ottomanson Shag rug


Has a plush pile approximately 3cm high which makes this rug thick, soft, smooth, warm and comfy for your crawling baby.

The non-skip rubber backing will help to keep the rug in place, preventing the occurrence of slip or fall accidents.

It comes in beautiful bright colors that will entertain your baby and also help to beautify their nursery, playroom, or bedroom.

You cannot wash it in the machine, but you can easily spot clean it or wash it with your hands.

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