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Below are some of the pros or advantages of hardwood floors which make them a good idea for kitchen:

  • They will give your home a beautiful and stylish look.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • They have a hypo-allergic property which makes them ideal for homes with many allergy suffers.
  • They come in variety of colors and designs
  • They have a long durability span, which means repairing and refinishing hardwood flooring will not be required too often. This will save you money.
  • They are softer and warm to the underfoot in comparison to tile, vinyl and laminate flooring.

On the other hand, hardwood floors might not be recommended for the kitchen due to the following reasons.

  • Water is a great enemy of wood floors. The kitchen is place prone to water spills from the dishwasher, fridge and other sources. When exposed to water, hardwood floors will warp, buckle, stain, discolor and even develop pungent smells. Therefore, you must always keep this kind of floors dry if you choose to add them to your kitchen.
  • They are not kid-friendly because babies always make messes on rugs. They spills things, drop food on rugs or even pee on the rugs. All those messes and spills can cause great damage to your wood floors. If you are wondering what rugs are safe for babies, check out these best rugs for babies to crawl on.


The backing

Woven, latex, rubber, and felt rubber are the common types of backing. Woven backing will provide free air circulation. However it will not provide a strong grip and maximum protection like the latex, rubber or felt rubber backings. A rug recommended for high traffic places of for use with babies will have the right backing for your Harwood floors.


Avoid rug materials which tend to absorb moisture easily, such as wool. Remember water is a great enemy to hardwood floors.


Shop for a rug which is easy to spot clean, machine clean or vacuum easily because you will need to practice cleaning up messes immediately before they penetrate into the rug fibers then into your floors.


#1 Mohawk Home Felt & Rubber Non Slip Rug

It is made in the United States. This means it is an ideal choice for most households because the manufacture made it with their needs in mind.

Made from both felt and rubber, and this adds to its durability and protection. The felt side will attach to the rug backing while the rubber side on the floor. That way there will be no residue or scratches left on both surfaces.

It has about ¼ “thick which adds to its comfort, warmth to the underfoot and ability to protect your floors further.

It comes with a dense rug pad which is highly durable and has a strong grip.


#2 Turquoize Non-Slip Kitchen Runner Rug

It comes is 10 neutral colors and different sizes too, which means you have a wide variety of choices to suit the taste of most clients.

It is easy to clean and maintain or care through multiple methods, such as machine washing, air drying and spot cleaning among others.

The extra thick feature will help this rug to absorb any moisture which might damage the floors if it leaved over.

It has anti-skid backing that will help to keep the rug in place. This will prevent any slip and fall accidents which are very dangerous for kids, pets and elderly people.

It comes with a solid stripped pattern which will coordinate properly with your existing home décor leaving your kitchen looking stylish, organized and expensive.


#3 Ottomanson Floral Area Rug

The color chocolate brown is ideal for high traffic areas like the kitchen because it will not show stains and dirt easily.

Comes in a rectangular and bordered pattern which will make your kitchen look beautiful.

It has some good features which makes it ideal for wood floors like, stain-resistant, non-slip backing, non-shedding and fade resistant among others.

It is made for 100% polypropylene material which is rug material recommended high traffic areas, in homes with babies, and for use with dogs and other pests.

Apart from the kitchen, it is also ideal for use in other places in your home, such as kid’s rooms, bedroom, entryways, hallways and family room among others.

It is easy to care for with simple maintenance tips, such as using paper towels to absorb moisture, rotating periodically, spot cleaning with a mild detergent and vacuum regularly among others. However, you cannot wash it in the machine due to the rubber backing.


#4 Ottomanson Moroccan Trellis Design Runner Rug

This rugs has two most important features which make it ideal for high traffic areas: non-shedding and stain-resistant. This makes it ideal for use in homes with frequent visitors, kids and pets.

It is made from a combination of high quality polypropylene and Nylon materials which are both durable and recommended for high traffic areas.

It comes with a non-slip rubber backing which improves its safety by eliminating slip and fall accidents.

It comes with a very beautiful Moroccan trellis design mostly used in Persian Antique rugs that will make your home look stylish and expensive.

You can easily use simple care tips for this rug, such as rotating it often to ensure it wears evenly, spot cleaning it with a mild soap and vacuum it frequently.


#5 NuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug

You can get it in high traffic areas friendly colors, such as Grey which makes it ideal for the kitchen.

It is made from polypropylene material, highly recommended for outdoor rugs, baby nursery rooms and other places with high foot traffic in your home.

Since it is kid and pet friendly, it can be used in other areas in your home, such as the dining room, bedroom and living room among other places.

It comes in neutral colors with simple design which means it will match with any existing home décor patterns in your kitchen.

It is easy to clean through spot cleaning stains and dirt with a carpet cleaner or vacuum it regularly with an ideal vacuum cleaner for rugs.


Use Furniture protectors: If you will place any furniture on top of rugs in the kitchen, such as stools, make sure you put felt protectors on them to protect your floors every time you move the furniture from one place to the next.

Vacuum regularly: Debris, dusts and dirt easily fall down in the kitchen. Do not let them collect too much on the rug because they will scratch on your floors or even discolor them.

Use a rug pad: This will further protect your floors by adding extra cushioning and helping to put your rugs in place. The sliding or moving rug can easily cause scratches on your floor if not kept in place. Choose a rug pad which is waterproof to protect your floors further.

Practice proper refinishing: In case you refinish your wood floors, make sure you let them to dry and cure fully before you put rugs down on them.

Add kitchen mats: On some high traffic areas in the kitchen like the area next to the kitchen sink, you can add anti-slip mats to further protect your floors.

Shop the right kitchen rug: The wrong choice of a kitchen rug for hardwood floors will damage your floors. Check out the recommendations above and also these other ones on best kitchen runner for hardwood floors.

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