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There are many factors you need to consider when choosing an outdoor rug like;

  • Material: Propylene is the most recommended material.
  • Pile height: Low pile rugs are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Color: You want to avoid bright colors which get dirty easily or show off dirty more pronounced.
  • Durability: of Couse you want something that will withstand high foot traffic and extreme weather and still last longer enough.
  • Affordable: you want something which is budget friendly. For example, Persian rugs are very expensive so they might not be an ideal choice for such spaces.

The thing about wood floors is that they are very beautiful and durable which means they will serve you for long time. However, the cost of installing or refinishing them is very high and that is why you want to choose the right rug which will not cause rotting, dis-coloration or staining on such floors.


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An outdoor rug will not damage your wood deck as long as you practice these precautions and protection tips:

#1 Protect your deck

There are many things you can do to make sure your wood deck is already protected even before you place rugs on it. For example, wood decks can sealed with a stain resistant and waterproofing deck sealer to protect it. You can also protect your deck by covering up with UV-rays blocking canopy veils or umbrellas.


#2 Mind the climate

Choice the rug will depend on the climate you live in. For example, if you live in rain prone climate, recycled plastic mats are a better choice because they are waterproof. Natural bamboo rugs are also another great choice for wood decks in such climates.


#3 Dry it completely

In case the outdoor rug gets rained on, make sure you put in the sun to dry completely before using it again. This will keep ways mold, pungent smells and prolong the lifespan of the rug. However, do not expose the rug to much sunlight because it can destroy the fibers.


#4 Mind the wood board spacing

If the spacing between your wood boards is more than ¼ inch then it’s safe to use rugs on your wood deck because the water will have spaces where it can sip through. No spaces mean that the water will be trapped beneath the rug with nowhere to go which can easily cause rotting.


#5 Proper cleaning

When it rains, people, babies and pets are likely to step on the rug with mud. Make sure you cleanse out those stains or dirty immediately the following day to keep them from soaking into the rug fibers.


#1 SUPERIOR Modern Rockwood Area Rug

This rug is high quality and you still get it a very affordable price below $40. No wonder it has more than 3000 customer reviews on Amazon, most of which are positive remarks about the rug.

It is made from a synthetic Polypropylene material which is highly recommended for outdoor rugs. This material is water, stain, fade and shed resistant which make it an ideal choice for outdoor rugs.

It is made from very soft fibers which will add warmth and comfort to your underfoot.

Comes with a jute backing which will help to keep the rug in place and keep it from moving around. This movement can easily cause slip and fall accidents, especially on wood floors which can be fatal. Read this guide on how to stop rugs from moving on hardwood floors if they do not come with a backing.

It is made from a wide range of modern styles which will make your home look beautiful and more stylish.

The rug is easy to clean, maintain and care for though simple methods like spot cleaning, and vacuuming among others.


#2 Smart Design Reversible Outdoor/Indoor Rug

This rug is made from a double weave which means it can be used from both sides. When one side gets dirty, you simply reverse to the other side hence prolonging its use.

The rug is made from recycled plastic which is a type of synthetic material mostly recommended for outdoor rugs because it is durable and easy to clean.

Apart from being ideal for wood decks, it can also be use for camping, picnics and beach visits because it is easy to fold and carry from one place to the next.

The rug comes in different color shades-green, blue, white and grey-to choose from which will match the needs of most customers.

The rug is sun, fade, and water and moth resistant, all which are features which add to its durability.


#3 Despkon Home Print Large Outdoor Rug

First and foremost, the design of this rug is breath-taking. It features a Caribbean Sea and landscape pattern made from a 3-D print version to give it a very unique look. This will take your home décor style to the next level and make your home look class and expensive at the same time.

Apart from being ideal for wood decks, it can be use in many other outdoor spaces like the patio, porches and camping. This versatile use makes this rug cost saving because you can carry it and use it in other spaces as well.

The rug is made from Polypropylene material which is durable, easy to clean and long lasting making it ideal for any home and outdoor spaces.

It is also described as an indoor rug ideal for high traffic areas in your home like the kitchen, hallways and living room making it even more multipurpose.


#4 Santex TTOO5 Outdoor/Indoor Area Rug

It is made from 100% plastic polypropylene material which is durable, easy to clean, water-resistant, and most recommended outdoor rug material.

This rug is reversible, which means it can be used from both sides, because it is made with a double-weave design.

The rug is easy to clean with simple methods like spraying water over it with a hose pipe of simply sweeping dirty debris with a broom.

This is a multi-functional rug which can be used in other outdoor spaces like the patio and camping picnics apart from being placed on wood decks.

You can easily fold up this rug without destroying its fibers, a feature which makes it easy to store this rug when you are not using it to keep it from being damaged by the sun and rain. This also makes it possible to carry this rug around from one place to the next.

Check out the Santex Grey Reversible Outddor Rug which has similar features as this one and will serve you for long times just like this one.


#5 NuLOOM Ripple Contemporaty Sherill Runner Rug

Apart from being ideal for wood decks, this runner rug can also be use in other outdoor spaces like entryways and patio among others. It can also be used in indoor spaces like the kitchen, dining room and hallways because it’s said to be kid and pet friendly. The rug is also friendly for people with allergies making it ideal for indoor use.

The rug is made from polypropylene material which is the most recommended rug material for outdoor rugs.

This runner rug is very easy to clean using simple methods like vacuuming, spot cleaning and spraying water with a hose pipe among others.

It comes with a blend of black and grey color which will not show dirt stains easily.

The nuLoom Vine Floral Traditional Outdoor runner rug is similar to this one and it will provide you the same long-lasting service.


#6 Nourison Aloha Multicolor Transitional Outdoor Area Rug

This rug is durable, long-lasting, stain resistant, water resistant, weather resistant and fade resistant all because it is made from 100% polypropylene material which is the most recommended for outdoor rugs.

The feel of this rug is very soft, which will make it comfortable to you under feet keeping them warm and cozy.

It comes with a very beautiful multi-color pattern which will beautify your wood deck and make your home to look very classy and expensive.


#7 Ottmanson Multicolor Area Rug

It is made from 100% Nylon material which is the second most recommended synthetic outdoor rug material after polypropylene.

It is designed from a checkered pattern which is very pleasing to the eye to keep your wood deck looking beautiful. It also helps to blend with many home décor properties. The patter will also not show dirt easily making this material stain and dirt resistant.

It is described as a rug ideal for homes with pests, kids and many guests because it’s made to withstand high foot traffic. This feature makes this rug long-lasting and ideal for many spaces in your home like the kitchen, living rooms and hallways among others.

It comes with a non-slip backing which will keep this rug in place to keep it from slipping or moving around too much, which might cause slip and fall accidents.

The rug is easy to care for using simple ways like vacuuming and spot cleaning among others.


#1 Are outdoor rugs worth it?

Yes, they are as long as you choose the right material which will be durable and resistant to harsh outdoor weather conditions. Additionally, most outdoor rugs are very expensive as compared to Persian natural rugs used as indoor or accent rugs. If you make the wrong choice, then the outdoor rug will not provide you any worth but will leave you frustrated and disappointed.

#2 Are outdoor rugs safe for wood decks?

Yes, they are as long as you remember these precautions. Firstly, outdoor rugs, especially those used in the rain can retain too much water which might damage your wood floors or develop mildew smells and moths. Therefore, make sure a rug placed on a wooden deck is always dry. You can also add a rug pad below the rug to prevent both the floor and rug from damaging each other. Some people argue that rugs made from recycled plastic are the one which are not likely to damage your wood decks.

#3 What material is best for outdoor rugs?

Polypropylene is the best material for outdoor rugs as explained in this guide on the best material for outdoor rugs.

#4 How do you secure and outdoor rug to a deck?

Securing a rug means keeping it in place to keep it from moving around from one place to the next. Those movements are very dangerous because they easily cause slip or fall accidents which can be very hazardous to pets, children and elderly people.

You can either use a rug pad, carpet tape or caulk to keep a rug in place on a wood deck. Read this guide on how to keep rugs from slipping on wood floors for more explanation.

#5 Will an outdoor rug damage a composite deck?

Yes, if you choose the wrong rug to use in a wood or composite deck, then it will end up damaging it. Polypropylene and other outdoor rug materials recommended in that post are what you should use only. When it comes to the type of backing or rug pad material to use in an outdoor rug, avoid rubber and latex backing because they will damage your deck.

#6 How do I protect my wood deck from the rain?

Firstly, make sure your wood deck is sealed with a stain resistant and waterproofing deck sealer to protect it. Secondly, make sure the outdoor rugs for the rain are fully dried out before putting them back on the wood deck. Finally, instead of letting stains to sit for long, clean them off immediately.

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