How To Vacuum Hand Knotted Wool Rug

Welcome to this guide on how to vacuum hand knotted wool rug.

You need these tips because wrong vacuuming will cause wool rug shedding in these two ways;

Type of vacuum: a wool rug will shed if you use a vacuum with high suction power, hard wool rug brush bristles, and a non-adjustable beater bar. Read the two posts below for more tips on how to choose the right vacuum;

Frequency: Too much vacuuming like doing it daily will definitely trigger the shedding of the rug fibers.

Apart from shedding, vacuuming can reduce the lifespan of your rugs, especially if they are not 100% Wool rugs of high quality.

How To Vacuum Hand Knotted Wool Rug

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#1 Know Your Rug

Woven, Tufted, and shag are the three main types of wool rugs.

The front and back knot designs of woven wool rugs are the same and perfectly held in place.

In tufted wool rugs, the back side is often covered with latex, which means you cannot see the knot design of the back.

Shag wool rugs have a similar design to the tufted rugs only that they have a high pile.

The type of rug you choose will depend on the rug you have. For example, a shag rug will require a vacuum with a higher suction power or a vibration technology to allow deep vacuuming, which removes all dirt trapped in the fibers.

#2 Choose The Right Vacuum

Consider the factors below when deciding what is the best vacuum for wool rugs;

Home Size & Space: You must consider the size of your home and rugs before you buy a vacuum for wool rugs. The vacuum design and type you choose will depend on this factor.

Budget: The best vacuum for delicate rugs like wool will always be expensive. Therefore, be ready to be generous with your budget.

Suction: Avoid using high suction power vacuums on wool rugs. All you need is a balanced option, which can suck out the dirt powerfully, and still be gentle enough not to damage the rug.

Brush: You need a brush roll with soft bristles, not rough-stiffed ones

Beater Bar: You need a beater bar with adjustable settings and soft bristles when it comes to wool rugs.

Filtration: Vacuums with the HEPA Filter feature have the best filtration system.

Weight: Choose a lightweight vacuum for ease of portability, storage, and cleaning after use.

Versatility: The more attachments and accessories and vacuum have, the higher its versatility.

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#3 Determine a Frequency of Vacuuming

Vacuum the wool rug regularly at least 2- 4 times every month depending on the following factors;

Traffic: high traffic areas rugs like those on highways and baby rooms must be vacuumed more regularly than those in low-traffic areas.

Quality: High-quality wool rugs have high dirt and stain repellency, which means they don’t need regular vacuuming. However, you must know that these options are highly expensive.

Treatment: Some wool rug owners choose to use wool fiber protector treatments meant to increase dirt and stain repellency. When such items are used, no need to vacuum the rug regularly.

4. Before Vacuuming 

Before you start vacuuming a wool rug, remove the excess dirt first through these two methods.

One, if the rug is small or medium size, take it outside, and shake the dust off.

Two, hang it over something like furniture or the clothesline, then use a broom, rug beater, or mob to remove excess dust and debris.

Three, if the rug is heavy and large take a dustpan with a soft brush then sweep out the excess dirt.

5. During Vacuuming

Always vacuum both sides of the wool rug to get out all dirt and debris that is stuck in the deep fibers.

Always move in slow motion to avoid being too rough on the fibers, which may cause damage or folding.

In case sprouting of wool rug fibers occurs when vacuuming, it’s advisable you trim the fiber or thread, instead of pulling it out. If you pull it out especially using force, it might weaken other fibers causing a fallout.


6. After Vacuuming

Always clean the vacuum cleaner after use. For example, make sure you empty the dust bag after use to keep it fully functional.

After Vacuuming makes sure you leave the rug completely dry before using it again. This will prevent the formation of pungent smells from mold, mildew, and rug moths.


How To Vacuum Hand Knotted Wool Rug

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