A kitchen is a very busy place where too many memories and fun activities are shared. It’s the place you cook your meals from, to some it’s the same place where those meals are shared and to others it’s a place where their kids’ artwork is showcased.

A kitchen being such an important place, looking for ways to add comfort and beauty to it is highly recommendable. A kitchen rug is a home décor accessory that can help you achieve that and much more.

Read this guide to understand how to choose the best rug for your kitchen.

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Below is the answer to the question where should you put kitchen rug. Here are some 4 suggestion of the most ideal places:

  • You can buy a kitchen runner rug to place between the island and the cabinets
  • A small kitchen mat rug can be placed in front of the sink
  • A full-sized kitchen area rug can be added to cover specific areas on your floor.
  • An accent rug can also be placed on the kitchen walls to add color and beauty to the kitchen.



People shy away from using kitchen rugs because the kitchen is a busy area prone to spills and all other type of messes.

The good news is that if you choose the right type of rug for your kitchen, you do not have to worry too much about the added workload of cleaning it up all the time. This post will help you to know the important factors you should consider when buying a kitchen rug.

A kitchen rug serves the following purposes:

  • It adds comfort to your kitchen space which keeps your feet cushioned, protected from the hard/cold floor and some rugs act as anti-fatigue mats.
  • If you are someone obsessed with home décor, a rug can help you to add color and texture to your kitchen space by choosing the right combination of patterns and colors matching your current décor.
  • A kitchen rug can help with noise reduction on hardwood, tile or linoleum floors.



Below are the 4 major factors you should consider when choosing a rug for your kitchen:

#1 Size

The size will depend on the position you want to place your kitchen rug. (refer to Where to place Kitchen rugs section above)

Choosing the perfect rug size is important because a rug that is so small will look like a dish rag fell on the floor and one which is too large with overwhelm the space leaving it to look so untidy.

For instance, the standard size of small rectangular mats/rugs to place in front of the sink when you shall stand as you wash the dishes or perform other tasks is 2 feet by 3 feet.

A kitchen runner to be placed at the space between cabinets and the islands tend to be 6 feet long. Make sure you leave some space between the cabinets and the rug.

If you are looking for a kitchen area rug, such as one which will fill the space under the dining table, all you have to know is the size of the table. If you want to keep the chairs of the rug, add about 3-5 feet to the size of the table measurements as you shop for the rug.

Pro tip: The best way to know the ideal size is measure you space or read this rug size guide.


#2 Material

You must pick a kitchen rug with a material that is easy to clean and durable. Below are some of the best recommendations to look out for;

Go for flatweave rugs: This type of kitchen rug is made without knots which makes it easy to clean. They also tend to come in beautiful colors and are more durable. It is also pet safe because its made with smaller loops which will not catch on the teeth or claws of your pet easily.

Choose Polypropylene rugs: This type of rugs is best for indoor purposes because they do not easily absorb spills.

You can also go for cotton rugs for small sizes: Cotton is a machine-washable material. Therefore, its is safe to choose small rugs made from cotton because you can easily wash them with your washing machine.

Pick the natural fiber rugs: Sisal or jute rugs made from natural or eco-friendly fibers are easy to spot clean which makes them ideal for a kitchen rug. Wool can also be spot-cleaned but will need more care. These types of rugs are also easy to hand wash especially when you are in a hurry.

Go for plush or wool rugs if your floor is made from tiles because this material tends to add more warmth.


#3 Security & Safety

A safe and secure rug should prevent you from slips and fall accidents, and make your feet comfortable as you stand or walk on it.

Go for rugs with non-slip backing. However, since most rugs do not come with that backing, you can opt to add a non-slip rug pad below all your kitchen rugs to make sure they are help in place to keep them from sliding.

Thicker pads are better especially for small mats to use Infront of your kitchen sink since they will keep your feet from straining a lot.

You can also pick kitchen rugs with anti-fatigue properties to add to your comfort even further.


#4 Your Décor

A kitchen rug should complement or contrast your current home décor not complete or replace it.

To achieve that, you must carefully put enough attention to the color and pattern of the rug before you shop for one.

For example, if your kitchen had a neutral design, kitchen rugs with saturated brighter solid colors can help to brighten it up.

When shopping for kitchen rugs with patterns or multicolor, checking at the tone of your wood floors and cabinet colors can help you decide on the right vibrancy of your rug.

Stripes, diamond, herringbone patterns are some of the common types you cannot go wrong with when it comes to choosing a rug.

For instance, if you want to add a cozy and sleek feel/look to your kitchen, a good combination of small accent rugs and large area rugs can help you achieve that.

Pro Tip: If you want a rug which is easy to clean and simple to manage, avoid those with solid bright colors/hues because they show stains and dirt more unlike those with darker solid colors or those with pattern designs.

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