How To Place a Rug Under Bed Rules?


Visionalize The End Look


Start by clearly understanding where you want to place the rug and what you want to sit on the rug.

I recommend you read the rest of this guide to come to conclusion on what works for your bedroom space.


Be Prepared


Do prior preparations like cleaning the bedroom floor properly before you place the rug.

Also, get one or two people who will help you to move the bed and other furniture safely during installation of the rug.

In addition, if your rug does not have non-slip properties, make sure you get a rug pad or carpet tape and other items you need to secure your rug safely.



The Breathing Space


Leave a breathing space between the rug and the walls of the bed and other furniture on the bedroom (read section on rug under small and large bed size guide for more specific guidelines on this



Rule of Thumb on the Size


Since the bed is the main item that guides the size of the rug you pick, the general rule is that the rug should extend 18 to 24 inches on the sides of the bed.



Layer Wisely 


Make sure the rug blends or contrasts other decor elements or items in your bedroom.

For instance, if your bedding is patterned, go for a rug with a solid color to avoid creating color competition. 



How To Place a Rug Under Bed By Yourself?

Here are the tips on how to put rug under bed by yourself in two ways depending on the type of bed you are using;


Under an off-ground bed


Step one: Roll up the rug 


Step two: slide the rolled-up rug underneath the bed then position it where you want. (Read the section on what should sit on a rug under bed below to get the different positions)


Step three: anchor the rug with the foot legs of the bed or the headboard.


Under an on-ground bed


If the bed is too heavy and you do not have someone to help you with lifting it, you can easily cause damage on the rug with the wrong movement. 


It’s advisable you breakdown the bed, that is remove the mattress, headboard and frames then put them aside. After you have correctly placed the rug where you want it to be, you can then assemble the bed again while on top of the rug.



Why Put a Rug Under Bed?


To Keep Your Feet Warm


Some bedroom floors are so cold especially if you wake up so early in the morning.

At least you can make sure your feet are warm by making sure that the first thing they land on is a soft and warm rug.


To Beautify & Layer Your Bedroom


Let say you have a wall to wall carpet in your bedroom, you might want to add a rug near the bed to add color, texture and bring out contrast with other elements in the bedroom.


For Protection


If you have delicate floors in your bedroom like hardwood floors, laminate floors or vinyl floors, a rug will keep them from damage by babies, dog paw scratches, oil spills and other similar accidents.



For Cushioning & Sound Absorption


Do you have noisy neighbors? Do you love loud music?

Do you do lots of sound recording in your bedroom?

A rug can help to absorb excess sounds from those different sources.



What Should Sit On The Area Rug Under Bed? 


In other words, what furniture goes on a rug under bed?

Apart from the bed, you can place other items on the bedrooms, such as nightstands, plants, dressers, bed foot benches, sofas, chairs among others.

One way to decide how to place a rug under a bed is determining what will rest on top of the rug among the items in your bedrooms like explained in the options below;


Option One

Only the lower half of the bed on the rug. You can vary this to ¾ of the bed or 2/3 of the bed etc.



Option Two


¾ of the bed on the rug and ½ of the dresser. You can leave out the dresser such that there is 2 to 5 images space between the rug and legs of the dresser.



Option Three


Bottom bed feet and a bench on top of the rug. Another option is having the bench only on the rug.



Option Four


Everything goes on top of the rug (the bed, the night stand, the bench at the foot of the bed and anything else) Remember to leave some floor space.



Option Five


Place runner rugs on both sides of the bed. You can choose to have only one runner rug on a single side or at the foot of the bed.



Option Six


The entire bed to lie on the rug and everything else on the floor.



Option Seven


Bedroom chair or sofa only on the rug



Option Eight


Use a wall-to-wall carpet or rug which covers the entire bedroom area. This way everything sits on the rug without any floor space showing.



Option Nine


Place 2/3 of the left side of the bed on top of the rug.



Option Ten


Place the whole bed except the headboard slat on the rug. Let the front feet of nightstands rest on top of the rug. Place the bed foot bench on top of the rug.




Area Rug Under Bed Sizes For a Small Bedroom



The rule of thumb when choosing a rug for a small bedroom is;

Let the rug not be so small such that it appears like your towel fell on the floor.

Also, it can be too large such that it covers the whole floor leaving no breathing space. You must leave at least 2 inches to 5 inches of space between the walls and the rug.

There are two main types of beds in a small bedroom;

One, a twin-size bed which is around 39 inches wide by 75 inches long. A twin-size bed for tall people can extend up to 80 inches long.

Two, a full-size bed also known as a double bed which is around 54 inches wide by 75 inches long.

Knowing the size of your bed will help you choose the right size of rug that will fit the bed and other items you want to sit on the rug as shown in the table below;


48 inches by 72 inches (4 foot by 6 foot) 


Two-thirds of the bed only
60 inches by 96 inches ( 5 foot by 6 foot) Two-thirds of the bed and a bench at the foot of the bed
72 inches by 108 inches (6 foot by 9 foot) The bed, a nightstand and a bench at the foot of the bed.
108 inches by 144 inches ( 9 foot by 12 foot)  Two twin size beds, a nightstand between the beds and bench at foot of each bed.


One full-size bed, two nightstands on both side, a bench at foot of bed and extends all the way to the dresser



Area Rug Under Bed Sizes For a Large Bedroom


The rule of thumb when choosing a rug for a small bedroom is;

Avoid a small rug that will even not be noticeable or will appear so insignificant.

Again, you don’t want to choose a rug that is so big that it covers the whole bedroom floor creating a congested look.

Always make sure you leave at least 8 inches to 12 inches of breathing space between the rug and walls of the bedroom.

There are two types of beds you can use on a large bedroom;

One, a king-size bed measuring around 76 inches wide by 80 inches long.

Two, a queen-size bed which is approximately 60 inches wide by 80 inches long.

Below are some rug size guidelines examples for the two bed sizes above.


96 inches by 120 inches (8 foot by 12 foot) 


Bottom two-thirds of a queen-size or king size bed 
108 inches by 144 inches ( 9 foot by 12 foot) Bottom two-thirds of a queen-size or king size bed and a bench at foot of the bed
144 inches by 180 inches ( 12 foot by 15 foot)  Fit fully under a queen or king- size bed, the nightstands can also sit on the rug comfortably and you can also add a bench at the foot of the bed.



Area Rug Under Bed & Dressers In Bedroom


Apart from a nightstand, or bench on foot of bed, there are types of furniture you can place on the bedroom like a dresser, shoe rack, sofa set, reading table among others.

The general rule of thumb is that you must choose a rug that is large enough to slip under the feet of such furniture (see image below)


Or choose a rug that is small enough to leave at least 2 inches to 5 inches of space between the rug and the feet of such furniture.

In other words, the rug cannot just touch the edges of such items (see image below).

It must go under or let there be space between the two.




Keeping Your Area Rug Under Bed In Shape In The Bedroom


When the bed and other heavy furniture are sitting on the rug, they can cause indents and traffic marks on some spots.

To avoid these irregularities in your rug, make sure you turn the rug regularly or rearrange furniture to keep the pressure distributed throughout the rug.

Make sure you eliminate all bunching up and buckling movements or folds by keeping a rug in place with double sided carpet tape or a non-slip rug pad. A rug that does not lay flat can cause serious slip and fall accidents especially for elderly people, babies and pets.

You can also keep your rug new by making sure that you clean it thoroughly and regularly to eliminate bad odors, rug moths and other problems.



What is the Best Bedroom Rug Material for a rug under bed?


Pile Choice

The bedroom is a low traffic area so you can easily choose high-pile or plush rugs like the shag rug below;

Noahas Fluffy Bedroo Rug

It’s supper soft to provide that fluffy, cozy and warm feel to your feet.

It’s multi-purpose such that you can even use it in the living room or kids’ room.

It’s easy to clean by shaking it outdoors, sweeping or vacuuming and spot cleaning from time to time.

It has a non-slip bottom which will help keep the rug in place and eliminate any accidents.



Polypropylene and wool are the best materials for a bedroom rug because they are durable and highly soft.


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