What are the best rugs for dogs that pee?

In other words, what are the best waterproof rugs for dogs that pee?

This is how you can keep your dog from peeing on rugs by using medically tested solutions.

Even your favorite dog pet will cause accidents sometimes, and that is why you need to choose the right rug, which will be easy to clean when that happens. Read this rugs buying guide for dog owners to get it right.

A homeowner with cats, dogs, and any other pets must be willing to deal with messes like hair shedding, cats peeing on rugs, accidents from spills, and more.

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Are you curious or in a hurry?

Here are the Top 3 best rugs for dogs that pee;



Factors to Consider When Buying Best Rugs for Dogs That Pee


Below are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing a pet-friendly rug in a home with pets like dogs and cats;

The Rug Pile

You want to avoid plush and shag rugs with high piles and instead go for short pile rugs because they are easy to clean.

You can easily vacuum the pet hair or spot clean any messes from accidents.


The Rug Color

Also, if your pet has light-colored hair, such as white, you want to avoid dark rugs, such as black or grey, because the pet hair will easily show on the rug.

That means you will have to vacuum the rug almost daily to keep the house looking fresh and clean.


The Rug fiber

Rugs made from cotton, jute, and high pile wool will provide your pets lots of warmth during winter, but you must remember that such materials are not moisture resistant meaning they are not ideal for dogs or cats that pee.

Rugs made from low pile polypropylene, nylon, and polyester are the best choices when it comes to a home with pets.


3 Best Rugs for Dogs That Pee| Waterproof Rugs for Dogs

1. Gorilla Grip Ultra Soft Washable Area Rug


This rug is made from faux fur which is very soft. It also has a low-pile shag material. These two properties make the rug warm and very comfortable for the dog’s skin.

Even if your dog pees on this rug, your hardwood floors, laminate floors, and vinyl floors will be protected because this rug has a strong backing.

Even in homes with allergy suffers, you can use this rug because it does not shed or gas off.

This rug will serve you for so many years because its fiber is durable and fade-resistant.

The rug is very easy to clean with simple methods like shaking the dirt off, spot cleanings, and vacuuming among others.

The rug comes in more than 20 color shades and different sizes, which means you will have a variety of collections to choose from to match your existing home décor.

You can use this rug in multiple places in your home like the bedroom, home office, children’s playroom, and baby nurseries among other surfaces.

2. Unique Loom Del Mar Collection Area Rug


This rug is made from Polypropylene material, which is easy to clean, shed-resistant, and highly durable.

It is a pet-friendly material recommended for dogs that pee because it has high moisture-absorbent properties.

This rug has a backing made from cotton weave, which means you will not need to buy a safe rug pad to help keep the rug in place and also protect your floors.

Since this is a short pile rug, it’s easy to maintain through regular spot cleaning and vacuuming.

This rug comes in three color shades (blue, navy, and white), which can easily blend with any existing home décor.

It has both a traditional and contemporary-inspired design to further blend well in any home.

It’s very easy to remove creases and folds from this type of rug by applying pressure by back-rolling the rug in the opposite direction.


3. Puprug Faux Fur Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed Rug

Yes, I know we established that the best rugs for dogs that pee are those with short piles.

Therefore, you might be wondering why am I recommending a shag rug with a high pile.

This is because this rug is small in size and it’s easily washable in the machine, which means caring for it is so simple.

Two things this rug will offer your dog are warmth and comfort, especially during winter.

It has orthopedic properties, which improve the health of your pet by minimizing joint pain.

If the reason your pet pees is that they are elderly or disabled, this rug will offer the best protection and comfort for such kinds of dogs.

This rug can also be cut into size to fit any dog bed size.



How to Clean Best Rugs for Dogs That Pee?


Always remember to take action immediately.

If you catch your dog urinating on the rug, follow these recommendations to discourage that behavior.

Begin the cleaning of the rug right away by following the steps below;

Step one: Soak out the urine

Use a paper towel or a microfiber cloth to take out the excess urine from the rug.

Do not press because that will make the urine sink deeper into the rug fibers, which will be hard to get out.


Step Two: Clean the left-out stain

Mix one teaspoon of detergent and water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the spot, and let it settle for a few minutes. Remove the excess water with a cloth until the surface is dry.

Remember, if the stain does not go away, read this guide on how to clean rugs and get smells & stains out.

You shall learn more tips on how to use homemade cleaners and pet-friendly rug cleaners to get dogs to pee out of rugs.


Step Three: Dry out the rug completely

If you don’t let the rug dry out well, it might become a breeding place for rug moths, which can make your dog a host.

Additionally, the rug might become prone to mildew and mold, which can result in health complications for your dog.


How to Pet-Proof Best Rugs for Dogs That Pee


Guard the Entryway

When dogs are outside, they are likely to bring mud and dust into the house.

Doormats can trap the excess water, moisture, and dirt on muddy shoes.

Alternatively, you can place these best entryway rugs for dogs that will trap the excess dirt that would have been taken into the house.

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Practice Proper Dog Care

For instance, make sure you train your dog properly so that they know how to pee in the right places.

Also, make sure you understand and be friendly to your dog so that you get to notice when they become rebellious or attention-seekers through wild behaviors like peeing on rugs.

Furthermore, groom your pets regularly by carrying out simple tasks like trimming their nails and hair.


Prevention Is Better Than Cure

You might buy the right rug for dogs that pee, you might also try all you can to train your dog properly, and all that might fail.

If you don’t get a cure, its now time to take precautions like;

  • Use rug protectors and covers to shield your rugs from pet urine.
  • If don’t want to cover the whole rug or carpet, you can use pee pads for dogs, which are more affordable.
  • Vacuum the rug at least twice a week to keep away bad odors and other health complications.
  • Use do not pee deterrents, to discourage dogs from peeing on rugs.
  • In the case of young dogs, remove the rugs until they are fully matured and well-trained.
  • Remove any obstacles that might make the dog potty not easily accessible.


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