What is the best vacuum for delicate rugs?

Most delicate rugs are hand-woven like the famous oriental rugs and antique Persian rugs.

Such rugs are made from natural fibers like wool, jute, cowhide, cotton, and sisal among others.

What are the best features that the best vacuum for delicate rugs must-have?

a) Versatile

The vacuum should be multipurpose meaning that it can be used to clean your delicate rugs, carpets, floors, furniture, upholstery, and any other surface.

The more attachments, onboard accessories, and features a vacuum has, the better it performs in this feature.

b) Durable

It must be durable and made by a well-known brand like Shark, Kenmore, Miele, and more.

c) Filtration

Has the HEPA filter system that has a 99% filtration rate.

d) Weight

It is lightweight to allow for moving it from one place to the next. uprights are more lightweight and comfortable to carry around compared to canisters.

e) The Brush roll

It does not have a beater bear brush or has one with adjustable settings which you can turn on/off or lower the speed power.

f) Wheels

Has large self-propelling wheels that move smoothly and effortlessly.

g) Suction

Has a powerful suction power unit that you can adjust to the lowest settings, and still be effective.

h) Height

The head of the vacuum must be adjustable for ease of cleaning.

i) Cord

Corded vacuums are the best choices when it comes to vacuuming delicate rugs in a heavily high-pile carpeted home.

All these features are explained more in this guide so make sure you read it until the end to get a full explanation of each matter.


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Are you curious or in a hurry?

If you are looking for something cheap get this Hoover Commercial Lightweight Canister Vacuum.

If you have a high budget and you are looking for a very expensive vacuum get this Miele Soft Carpet Vacuum.

If you want an option that is in-between cheap and expensive, check out this SoniClean Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

If are looking for a multi-purpose option that will give you the versatility of being able to clean wool rugs, other delicate rugs, carpets, floors, furniture and other surfaces, then get the Miele Soft Carpet Vacuum.

If you are looking for an option specifically made for cleaning soft carpets and delicate rugs without having many other multi-purpose functions, get this SoniClean Upright Vacuum Cleaner.


10 Best Vacuum for Delicate Rugs?

1. Miele Complete C3 Vacuum for Soft Carpet

It is a bagged vacuum with efficient HEPA filters that ensure 99% accuracy of filtration and dirt cleaning.

It is a canister vacuum with an electro brush specifically designed for delicate rugs and soft carpets.

It’s a corded vacuum with 6 different suction power settings to allow for gentle cleaning.

Comes with 5 different adjustments to allow you to switch between rugs, carpets, and hardwood floors.

It passes the brand value test because Miele is known for selling high-quality products.

If you prefer a vacuum with the same features, but one that is robot-controlled, I would recommend you check out this iRobot® Roomba® i3 (3150) Wi-Fi® Connected Robot Vacuum Vacuum.

Additionally, if you want an alternative that is cheap, but it will give you most of the features you get from the Miele Complete C3 Vacuum, make sure you check out the Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum. You get it at less than $40 compared to Miele which you get at close to $1000


2. Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

It can quickly be adjusted into a handheld vacuum making it more convenient.

It comes with a versatile of features like a charger, and the wall mounting feature which further improves its efficacy.

It’s a lightweight vacuum that you can carry around without getting tired.

Has 14 concentric cyclones which help to increase the filtration process of the vacuum.

It’s a cordless vacuum with soft nylon bristles to ensure for best cleaning in your home.

Apart from being used on delicate rugs, it can also be used on hardwood floors since it comes with extra adjustable features you can turn on or off as you move from one surface to the next.


3. Kenmore Elite 21814 Lightweight Bagged HEPA Canister Vacuum

This is a bagged canister vacuum with multiple attachment tools, which make it possible to clean any surface in your home from the kitchen, bedroom, car, and garage with this vacuum.

It’s a pet-friendly vacuum that will take out all pet hair and messes in your home. See the best pet-friendly rugs.

It has a HEPA filter system to trap 99% of the dirt, dust, and germs in your home.

Its onboard cleaning accessories like the crevice tool, fan sweeper, and dusting brush among others help transition in cleaning one surface to the next very efficiently.

It has a LED headlight that will help you to vacuum poor-lit areas with ease.

It comes with 2 power motor systems to add to the ease of deep cleaning in your home.


4. Shark AZ1002 Apex Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum

Has a dual cleaning technology which makes it possible to use this vacuum on different surfaces like your rugs, carpets, hardwood floors, furniture and upholstery.

It has an anti-allergen system supported by its HEPA filter process to help keep your home free from germs and other pollutants.

This is a quiet vacuum with a proper noise management system to help keep your home quiet.

It’s perfect for pet hair because it comes with a pet power brush and a deep cleaning no hair wrap feature to enhance that further.

The brush roll is made from a technology that allows it to self-cleanse itself reducing the amount of work involved in maintaining the vacuum.


5. Hoover BH55210 Onepwr FloorMate Jet Cordless Vacuum

Can be used on multiple types of rugs and floor surfaces from hardwoods, tile, laminate, and vinyl.

It’s a cordless vacuum that has a removable and rechargeable battery with long-power lasting abilities.

It has a soft-bristled microfiber brush roll tool that will gently loosen all dirt while still being gentle on your rug.

Has a powerful suction system that will pull out all dry and wet messes on the rug.


6. JASHEN V16 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Has three adjustable suction power settings from minimum to maximum to allow for perfect picking up of debris, dirt, and dust from your rugs.

It has a detachable battery with a long life span and gives you up to one hour of cleaning time.

Its 4-stage HEPA filter system will clean out all the germs and contaminations in your floors.

It’s a lightweight cordless vacuum with high cleaning power for both rugs and floors.


7. Eureka RapidClean Pro Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

 This is a cordless vacuum with a powerful motor, which makes cleaning deep and efficient.

Its battery can last up to 40 minutes, which is enough time to vacuum a large rug.

In case you need to stop vacuuming abruptly, this vacuum has a resting nook, which allows you to disable it safely.

It has bright beams of light on its head to make sure you see dust and debris in crevices, under furniture, and other poorly lit areas.


8. BISSELL 2252 CleanView Swivel Upright Bagless Vacuum Carpet Cleaner

It has a swivel steering technology to be able to clean through obstacles like furniture.

Has a pet tool that will help to clean out all pet hair from your dogs or cats on the rugs.

Its dirt cup is easy to clean and empty all the messes making cleaning very efficient and effective.

Bissell is a very philanthropic organization that donates 10 dollars from every product, which means buying from them is getting involved in some charity work.

It’s a bagless upright vacuum with high efficacy when it comes to cleaning delicate rugs.


9. Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner

It’s a lightweight easy use vacuum ideal for small spaces, pet hair, and on-spot messes on high traffic areas.

It has a hoover nozzle tool, which is removable helps to improve the cleaning performance of this vacuum.

Its small size allows for convenient cleaning, storage, and transportation.

It has a HeatForce feature, which allows it to dry quickly after the vacuuming work is finished.


10. Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

It has a dynamic motor which makes it more effective when it comes to cleaning different surfaces.

The brush roll is soft with adjustable speed settings to lift away all dust, dirt, and debris from your rugs.

Comes in a lightweight making it easy to carry, store and clean after usage.

Has a 5-level height adjustable system to allow for usage on different surfaces.

Has an extra-large dust cup to allow for vacuuming long hours without having to empty it, hence saving time.

Has more than 7 onboard accessories, which make cleaning more efficient and effective.


Factors to Consider When Buying Best Vacuum for Delicate Rugs



There are vacuum cleaners that will work on almost every type of rug both delicate and normal rugs.

They can also be used on bare floors too.

It’s better to go for such a vacuum because it will save you lots of money.



I know you want a vacuum that will serve you in the long term. Nobody wants to waste money buying any tool over and over again.

Go for well-recognized brands and vacuum manufacturers like Eureka and Shark because their quality is well-known and tested in the market.

Again, remember to read reviews from past customers to determine if they are satisfied or not.


HEPA Filter system

A good vacuum cleaner must have a filter in the dustbag which helps to collect dust particles and other allergens that may make your home non-hypoallergenic.

See the best hypoallergenic rugs for allergy sufferers.

Vacuums come with many types of filter systems like microfilters and paper bags among others.

Its recommended you choose a vacuum with the HEPA filter because it has a 99% accuracy rate.


The Dust Cup

As you vacuum, dust and dirt will collect in the dust cup.

You need a vacuum with an easy-to-clean dust cup for the purpose of time-saving and convenience.

The dust cup system must be quick and easy to eject in the case where you want to empty it in the middle of a vacuuming session.


Ease of Use

You want to go for a vacuum that will be easy to use without spending too much time trying to understand the manual.

You want to be able to teach your children and visitors easily how to use the vacuum to reduce the possibility of damage to your delicate rugs.

For example, go for a vacuum that is not too heavy in the case where you have to carry it for a long distance.


Versatile Features

Go for a vacuum with a wide range of features like;

  • Has the ability to adjust suction power options
  • Can be converted into a handheld vacuum
  • Has a variety of brush roller settings.
  • Has a wide variety of attachments like crevice cleaner, upholstery tool, power brush, and extension wand among others. These make the vacuum multipurpose such that it can be used on any type of rug or floor.


So Which Features Are Suitable in Best Vacuum for Delicate Rugs?

The Beater Brush

Also known as the spinning brush roll is the worst enemy when it comes to high pile delicate rugs. When used in such rugs it will cause fibers to get loose or even run out.

So, what is the solution?

If you don’t plan to use the vacuum on other surfaces like your floors or carpets, then buy a vacuum without a beater bar.

Alternatively, you can get a vacuum with a beater bar, but it gives you the option to either remove it or turn it on/off depending on what you are vacuuming.

A more sophisticated option would be going for a vacuum that allows you to adjust the speed of the brush.

After all, you can use the beater bar on low pile delicate rugs as long as the speed is very low and the motion used is too gentle.

Note: The brush roll must also be soft-bristled because stiff ones will cause more abrasion leading to high tear and wear damage.


Small Wheels

A vacuum with small wheels is an enemy to delicate rugs, especially those with high piles because the fibers or fringes can easily get entangled leading to damage.

Go for a vacuum with large wheels to make the motion smooth, gentle, and effortless.

Note: a vacuum with self-propelling large wheels is the best choice especially if your rugs are dense shag or fluffy types with high piles.


Low Suction Power

The ability of a vacuum to have an efficient airflow and dirt attraction system is determined by its suction power.

Canister vacuum and corded uprights have the best suction power, and that is why they would be the best choice when it comes to delicate rugs.


Adjustable Height

If the vacuum is too low, you might end up exerting too much pressure on the fibers causing damage.

Again, if it’s too high, it might not get the dirt out of deep rug fibers leading to wear and tear in the long run.

For that case, you need a vacuum with an adjustable head to make cleaning efficient and less damaging.


Corded Options

In case you get a corded vacuum remember it must;

Have a cable that is long enough to allow ease of vacuuming large delicate rugs quickly.

Some vacuum models come with a button where you can unwind or rewind the cord. This is a great feature that can reduce the stress of manually adjusting the cord.



Your delicate rug might be placed in a poorly lit area.

In such a case you will need a vacuum with a lighting system to clearly notice objects that might damage the rug.

For instance, a ring on the rug can get trapped in the vacuum wheels, and end up causing a mess on your delicate rugs.


Which One of These Is the Best Vacuum for Delicate Rugs?


Corded vs Cordless?

Corded vacuums are the best choices when it comes to vacuuming delicate rugs in a heavily high-pile carpeted home because;

They have a more powerful suction power which sucks out all debris and dirt as explained in this post.

In the case of cleaning on-spot messes, the cordless vacuum would be the best choice they are quick to retrieve and set up.


Upright vs Canister?

In terms of weight convenience, uprights are more lightweight and comfortable to carry around.

When we talk about achieving gentle and smooth vacuuming, canisters are the best option because their nozzles are lighter. That means that the weight of the vacuum is not transferred in the delicate rug as explained in this guide.


Bagged vs Bagless?

A bagged vacuum will take away the hustle of having to clean it more, but it comes at an extra cost.

Both bagged and bagless vacuums work just fine with delicate rugs as explained by these 12 experts.


How to Use Best Vacuum for Delicate Rugs? How to Vacuum a Delicate Rug?


Vacuum Often

The front side of a delicate rug can be vacuumed every 1 or 2 weeks depending on the traffic in your home. See the best rugs for high-traffic areas.

The backside can be vacuumed every 1 or 2 months again depending on how much the rug is exposed to dust and dirt.

Failure to vacuum a rug regularly will reduce its lifespan because of the accumulated debris, pins, and dust particles with wear down its fibers.


Be Gentle

Delicate rugs like oriental rugs or Persian rugs will require you to be smooth when vacuuming them.

Avoid being too vigorous and using force because that can damage the fiber design.

Most of these rugs are hand-made. Any disturbance of the fibers can lead to folding, bumps, and other bunching-up problems. See tips on how to flatten a rug.


Important Do’s & Don’ts

Use a side-to-side motion when vacuuming such rugs. Again, this helps to reduce the amount of pressure applied to the rug. In other words, the vacuum should move parallel to the pile not against the pile.

Keep the suction level or setting as low as possible to ensure the motion is very gentle.

You can also achieve a smooth and gentle motion by moving the vacuum in the same direction as the fibers of the rug.

Avoid vacuuming the edges and fringes of a delicate rug. Keep the vacuum from reaching the fringes because they can break away in case some of the threads get stuck on the vacuum.


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