What are the best entryway rugs for dogs?

Why do you even need dog doormats?

What factors should you consider when buying entryway rugs or doormats for dogs?

Welcome to this guide where we shall talk about all the questions above and many more!

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Here are the Top 7 best entryway rugs for dogs;



Why Do You Need Best Entryway Rugs for Dogs?



To Reduce the Mess

Imagine having muddy print marks on your oriental rug which is so expensive and very hard to clean.

Or just think about getting a permanent mud or dirt stain on your bright-colored white plush shag with the high piles that are so easy to get the dirt out.

A dog doormat can minimize such risks because it absorbs the excess mud, moisture, and dirt on your dog’s paws even before they step on the rugs or carpet.


To Keep Your Home Hygienic

Those muddy paws can bring bacteria or fungi infections into your home.

Such germs can be hazardous to crawling babies or even young pets who lick on surfaces and eat anything on the floor.

Those particles can also mix and cause an allergic environment, which can make your rugs and home non- hypoallergenic.


What to Consider When Buying Best Entryway Rugs for Dogs


Existing Home Décor

You want to choose a dog doormat or entryway rug which matches the current style, color scheme, and feel of your home.

For example, if you only use natural rugs to bring out a traditional look in your home, you will also need an entryway rug that complements that.



The entryway is a high-traffic area, which means you will need a rug that can sustain all that foot and paw traffic and still serve your home for years.



With dogs and other types of pets, messes are inevitable.

For that reason, you will need a rug that is easy to clean with simple methods like machine-washing, spot cleaning, and vacuuming among others.



Slip and fall accidents can make your dogs disabled.

You want a rug with a strong backing or rug pad that helps to keep the rug in place.

That way the rug does not move, slid, slip or migrate from place to place reducing its effectiveness.



The more absorbent the rug is the better.

This property makes the rug able to trap all the mud, moisture, and dirt on your dog’s paws keep them from being transferred into your indoor rugs or carpets.



The doormat must be made from a material with soft bristles that will keep your dog’s paws comfortable.

The material must also be highly absorbent as explained above.

You must also choose a material with the right pile depending on how much you want the cleaning process to be easy.

For example, short pile rugs are easy to clean than high pile rugs.



Most entryway rugs or doormats must be low profile to allow easy opening and closing of the door without causing rug gathering.

In other words, the rug must always stay put in its original position when doors are opened or closed.



Choose an entryway rug that you can use in other areas in your home in case you want to replace it in the future.

For example, you can transfer the doormat to the bathroom, laundry room, or garage if you want to buy a new entryway rug.


Top 7 Best Entryway Rugs for Dogs | Best Dog Doormat Rugs


1. Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat

Normal doormats have a GSM absorption rate between 900 to 1500. This dog doormat has a 3000-absorption rate which is double meaning that it’s highly absorbent.

Its microfiber strand dries out very fast. This means you will not have to deal with moisture-related problems like bad odors from mold, mildew, and rug moths.

It has a non-skid backing, which means you will not have to buy a rug pad to give this rug non-slip properties.

It’s very easy to clean in the washing machine.

This is a highly durable rug constructed with double-sided yarn firmly fitted together through basting and stitching.


2. My Doggy Place – Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Dog Door Mat

The material used to make this rug has three main properties; plush, microfiber, and the rubber backing.

The microfiber property makes this rug highly absorbent and easy to dry.

The plush property gives this rug a soft and cozy feel to make your paw’s feet warm and comfortable.

The rubber backing gives this rug non-slip properties, which help to keep the rug in place, and eliminates all types of movements & folds.

Apart from using this as an entryway rug, it can also be used as a bathroom rug or a Kitchen rug used beside the sink.


3. WiseLife Door Mat Indoor Outdoor Floor Mat

Although this rug is made from a rubber material, it has a raised polypropylene fabric on its top surface which gives this rug high absorption properties. It also helps the rug to dry faster.

The bottom has non-slip properties which help to hold the rug firmly in place to keep it from slipping around.

You can effortlessly clean this rug with simple methods like shaking off, horsing off, vacuuming, and spot cleaning.

This is a low-profile rug that can be used indoors with a very shallow bottom. This keeps the rug from being damaged by opening and closing doors.

You can also use this rug in other high traffic areas like the garage, patio, laundry room, and patio among others.

4. Internet’s Best Chenille Dog Doormat

It’s made from microfiber material, which is very effective at trapping mud, absorbing excess moisture, and drying fast. All these properties will help to keep your floors clean.

It has a non-skid backing that will keep your dog safe from accidents occurring from slipping and falling.

The rug is machine-washable meaning that it’s very easy to care for. After all, the rug comes in dark color shades like tan and black, which means it will not short dirt and dog hair easily. Thus, you will not have to clean it regularly all the time.

This piece is also multi-purpose because it can also be used in the garage, laundry room, and other surfaces.

It also comes in very small sizes for small areas and low-profile underneath surfaces.


5. Gorilla Grip Original Indoor Durable Chenille Doormat

A rug designed from heavy-duty chenille material, which is durable and highly resistant to wear and tear.

The material is also super absorbent to trap any excess moisture leaving your dog’s paws feeling soft and warm.

It’s a machine washable rug, whose dirt will come out easily with the use of simple detergent.

It is also an ideal bathroom rug that will soothe you’re under feet and protect your tender feet from the cold floors after showering.

Since it’s a low-profile doormat, it can be used for entryways, mudrooms, and any other busy areas in your home.


6. Color G Indoor Door Mat Entryway Rug

As long as you dry this rug properly after cleaning it, it will always be odor-free because it’s super absorbent and dries very fast.

It’s a simple-to-clean rug. You can regularly shake off excess dirt outside. For deep cleaning, you can use a hand-help vacuum or simply fold the rug properly then put it into the washer.

You will easily be able to open and close the door without this rug gathering or moving because it is a low-profile rug with a durable rubber backing.

If this rug gets creases, bumps, and folds, you can easily flatten it out by putting it in the dryer on medium heat for five minutes.


7. Ubdyo Store Door Mat, Welcome Mat & Front Door Entry Rug

A rug made from wear-resistant material that makes it durable and cost-effective since it will serve you for many years to come.

To clean this rug, shake off the dirt outside or simply through it into the washing machine making the maintenance so simple.

It has a cartoon design, which can add some aesthetic elements to your existing home décor.

It has a high absorption rate which ensures that all dirt and moisture from muddy paws or dirty shoes is trapped at the entryway and not transferred to your floors, rugs, and carpets.


What Alternatives to Buy Instead of Best Entryway Rugs for Dogs


Dog Boots

We as humans wear shoes when going outside then remove them at the doorstep before getting into the house that keeps our home clean.

You can use the same concept on your dog by getting them to pay for waterproof shoes or boots.

At first, your dog might not like the shoes. Make sure you get a pair with an anti-slip sole to protect them from falling.


Paw Washers

There are three types of items you can use to wash your dog’s paws before they get into the house.

One, you can buy this portable paw washer machine. It has gentle silicone bristles which will easily remove any excess mud or dust on the paws. You can even put some water into the machine to make the cleaning more effective.

Two, you can use anti-microbial paw wipes to take out both the germs and mud mess. Such wipes are usually smooth and high-absorbent.

Three, a dog towel can also be used to take away the excess moisture or mud from your pet’s paws.


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