How To Protect Wood Floors With Area Rugs

In this post I will give you tips on how to protect wood floors with area rugs.

Wood and Hardwood floors are very beautiful enough to ensure your home décor will look classy, expensive and highly aesthetic. They are also very durable giving you a longer service span.

The problem is that it is very costly to install or refinish such floors. Read this guide to understand how long you should wait before you put rugs on recently refinished or installed wood floors.

Additionally, such floors are easily damaged by scratches, stains and other blemishes. Correct such dents and injuries can be very expensive.

Area rugs placed on top of wood floors will protect them in many ways and also serve other purposes like the ones explained below.


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This specific best hardwood floor rugs  is the most popular among our readers and also a best seller on Amazon! Read this post to discover what rugs are safe for hardwood floors.




#1 Prevent scratching and damage

A rug will trap all debris and dirt which would cause scratching, staining and discoloration of your wood floors.

For example, waterproof rugs will even protect your wood floors from getting rotten due to trapped moisture.

Additionally, Woven rugs will even keep away pungent smells from your wood floors because they have weaves which allow free air circulation.

This protection is even very important when those hardwood rugs are placed on high traffic areas such as the kitchen rugs for hardwood floors, hallways, entrance rugs for hardwood floors, living room and outdoor spaces like rugs for wood decks.

Pro tip: Make sure you clean your area rugs placed on hardwood floors regularly to eliminate the build-up of the dirt and debris on the rug. Too much dirt, debris and moisture on the rug will end up damaging your wood floors. Make sure you clean out spills and pets stains right away.

#2 Provide safety

Wood floors tend to be slippery. This can be very dangerous in homes with crawling babies, pets like dogs and elderly people because they can easily slip and fall.

A rug especially one with a non-slip backing or a rug pad will stay in place and eliminate slipping on wood floors.

Pro Tip: When choosing a rug pad for hardwood floors, avoid latex backing pads and rugs because this material easily traps moisture which will rot your wood floors. This same material will also leave residue on your wood floors causing discoloration and staining of the wood floors.

Read more below:

#3 Choosing the right rug

Hardwood floors are really delicate. They are easily damaged by water, staining residues and other elements. Correcting these damages will be very expensive and might even cause you to replace the whole flooring of your house to correct the damage.

To keep away those extra costs, make sure you choose the right rug for hardwood floors. Read this guide on what rugs are safe for hardwood floors to make sure you choose the right type of rug.


#4 Hide scratches, patches and blemishes on your wood floor

Instead of making a big money investment of repairing, refinishing or re-installing your wood floors again, you can simply place an area rug on top of the floor to hide viable scratches, stains, decorations among other damages. This way you will be able to keep your home looking beautiful at low costs and little labor.



#5 Sound proofing

Hardwood floors tend to be noisy when stepped on. An area rug will absorb that sound and make your home noise-free.

#6 Cushioning & comfort

Foot traffic pressure which would have directly been applied on the floor will first be exerted on the rug reducing the damage.  This will prolong the life span of your floors. Additionally, a rug will add warmth and comfort to the under feet as compared to stepping directly on the wood floor.


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