Just like hardwood floors, laminate floors will offer you the same beautiful and stylish look. However, the latter is more durable and less expensive.

Installing Laminate floors or even refinishing them will cost you lots of money. Thus, it would help if you placed one of these best rug pad for laminate floors below rug places on such floors to protect them and extend their durability.

In this post, we shall explore the best non-slip rug pad for laminate floors. The non-slip or non-skip feature will help to keep your rugs in place and stop them from sliding.

Do you really need a best Non Slip Rug Pad For Laminate Floors?


 A rug pad will provide you with the following benefits:

Keep the rug in place: rugs placed on laminate floors tend to slide. That moving can cause dangerous slip and fall accidents. A rug pad will stop that moving. This is true for small area rugs not anchored in place with anything, such as furniture.

Prevent formation of bumps: Large area rugs might not move, but they can easily fold together to form bumps or wrinkles. A rug pad will help to keep the rug flat and well stretched out on the laminate floor.

Protection: Drinks, pet urine, and other messes are likely to spill on the rug. A rug pad will prevent them from getting into the floor. This was your floors will remain stain free.

Cushioning: If your rug is placed in high traffic areas, that pressure can damage floors. The rug pad will absorb some of that.

Extend durability of the floors: I am sure you do not want your floors to get any scratches or the sheen on them getting damaged by extreme exposure to the sun. A rug pad will prevent all that from happening hence helping to maintain the new look of the rug for longer times.

Note: You need to be careful when choosing a rug pad for laminate floors because the wrong choice can make you end up with discolored or stained floors.


What is the best non slip rug pad for laminate floors?


Mohawk Felt Rubber Non-Slip Rug Pad

It’s is made from Felt Rubber which is the most recommended rug pad material for laminate, hardwood and vinyl flooring

It is slip-resistant because the rubber grip is firm and lasts for long periods before it loosens up.

It has an added cushioning, which will keep the underfoot warm and protect your floors more.

The felt side is designed to stick on the rug backing while the rubber side will stick on the floor. That way, you shall not be left with residues or stains on the rug or floor.

It’s high quality, durable and thick enough.

It is recommended by more than 3000 customers on Amazon.

It’s is very affordable and cheap, yet you will get something very high quality.

It is not made in China or any other outside country, but it is made in the United States. This means it serves the needs of most American households.


6 Best Non-slip Rug pads for laminate floors

There are two significant factors you need to consider when shopping for a rug pad for your laminate floors.

One is the material of the rug pad: rubber and Felt Rubber, are the main recommended rug pad materials for laminate floors.

Two is the size of your area rug: you MUST use a rug pad with rugs smaller than 6 by 9 feet because they tend to move a lot. Larger rugs can be anchored with furniture or other things to keep rugs in place, so you might forgo the cost of buying a rug pad.


Are rubber rug pads safe for laminate floors?

Yes, rug pads made from natural rubber are recommended for you on laminate floors.

Make sure you read the rug documentation or installation guide to make sure you buy the rug pad material recommended by the manufacturer.

Below are some of the best rubber rug pads you can shop on Amazon.

[12 Pack] Rug Gripper, Double Sided Non-Slip Rug Pads Rug Tape Stickers Washable Area Rug Pad Carpet Tape Corner Side Gripper for Hardwood Floors and Tile

[12 Pack] Rug Gripper, Double Sided Non-Slip Rug Pads Rug Tape Stickers Washable Area Rug Pad Carpet Tape Corner Side Gripper for Hardwood Floors and Tile

as of June 12, 2024 8:37 pm

A) Rubber rug pads 

#1 RUGPADUSA Super Lock Natural rug pad

The size of this rug pad is 5 by 8, which means it is ideal for area rugs which are smaller than 6 by 9 feet.

It has a firm grip which will stop rug slippage, sliding and bunching. This feature makes this rug pad ideal for rugs in high traffic areas, such as those placed below doorway mats.

It is highly durable because it is made from a natural rubber material.

It is non-toxic and even ideal for people with allergies because it does not have chemicals, PVCs, and other chemicals making it safe for your home.

It can be easily cleaned through regular vacuuming making its maintenance very easy.


#2 RUGPADUSA Nature’s Grip rug pad

This is a non-slip or non-skid rug pad which will stop all types of movement on small area rugs or runner rugs. This feature will also prevent the formation of folds, bumps and other bunching up wrinkles on your rugs.

It is an eco-friendly rug pad material made from jute fibers with natural rubber backing, which adds to their durability and non-slip feature.

You will get a 20-year warranty, which is long enough to test if this rug pad will serve your needs perfectly or not.



B) Felt & Rubber rug pads

The difference with rubber rug pads is that felt and rubber rug pads are usually thicker, making them more durable and comfortable.

#3 RUGPADUSA RugPro rug pad

This rug pad is made in the United States which means it features the needs of many households unlike imported rug pads made for a generic clientele.

It is a double-sided rug pad with one side made from rubber and the other from felt. This will keep away residues on your rug and staining of your floors.

It is a highly durable rug pad that will protect your rugs and floors for an extended period.



#4 RUGPADUSA Premium Superior Lock rug pad

This rug pad is thick enough to add more cushioning and comfort to the underfoot. This gives your rug a plush surface which you can lay on.

The thickness will also absorb debris and other particles, which might cause scratching or staining of your floors.

Although it is thick, it is made with a needle punched design, which makes it breathable enough to keep away pungent smells and rug moths.

It is high quality, durable, and made in the United States.


#5 RUGPADUSA Contour Lock Rug pad

It is made in the USA from high quality materials which makes its durable.

Its thickness enhances the protection of your floors because it will absorb all particles or liquids, which might cause discoloration, staining, and scratching if they reach on the floor.

It improves rug safety because it eliminates all rug movements or folding, which might cause slip or fall accidents.



#6 RUGPADUSA Eco Plush Rug Pad

This rug pad is thick enough to act as a barrier which keep contaminants, spills and particles from reaching your floors. This way your floors will remain protected from scratches, stains and discoloration among other damages.

It is versatile, meaning that you can use it on other floor types as well.

It will not cause any toxic contaminations in your home because it is not made with any chemicals, PVCs, glues or latex materials.

Mothproof: As long as you keep this rug pad well cleaned and vacuumed, you do not have to worry about pests using it as a breeding spot.

Odorless: It is made from smell-resistant materials-Polyester and Nylon which will keep your home fresh and pungent smells free.

Caring For Rugs on Laminate Floors

Clean immediately when something spills on the rug. You can use a paper towel to soak out all the liquid, then spot clean that surface with a rug shampoo.

Vacuum regularly to prevent the buildup of dust, debris, pests and other particles from damaging the floors.

Place doormats on entryway rugs to minimize the amount of dust and debris deposited on the rugs.


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