Welcome to this guide on how to keep rug corners down on hardwood floors.

I am going to show you how to keep rug corners down with the four methods below;

Apart from rugs on hardwood floors, I have written a similar guide showing you how to keep rug corners down on the carpet by preventing bunching up for rugs on carpeted floors.


How To Keep Rug Corners Down On Hardwood Floors


One reason why a rug corner will not remain down is a condition known as tension bumps.

This occurs when there is more pressure or tension on some parts of the rug than others.

Putting some weights on the high-pressure areas can help to equalize the tension.

There are many types of rug corner weights, which you can use to make the rug lay flat.

For example, you can place house plants, heavy books, furniture legs, and coffee tables on the rug corners.

The pressure exerted by these weights will help the rug release some uneven tension causing the corners to fall back to their original position.


The second reason why a rug corner will not remain down is rug migration or movement.

If you do not keep a rug in place, you will end up with two problems.

One is slip and fall accidents, which can be fatal, especially for elderly people, babies, and young pets.

Rug protectors are one of the things people use to keep a rug in place.

A rug pad is the most popular example of the many rug corner protectors out there.

There are many alternatives to a rug pad like the examples of carpet runners, mats, and floor cloths among others.



Rug corner grippers are meant to stick down the corner such that it cannot move or bunch up again.

Rug grippers come in many types like the 5 below;

Duct tape, especially those made from polyethylene waterproof material and marked as carpet/rug safe.

Double-sided adhesives either in form of tape, glue, or spray perform a great gripping job too.

Velcro strips also perform a great gripping job, as long as you make sure they are safe for your rug before use.

Shoot staples on the rug with a staple gun.

Hemming can also work where you sew the rug to something else to make it stay down.


I have covered all the tips on how to uncurl a rug’s corners in this guide on how to fix a rug that is curling up using simple strategies like;

Stretching with a lint roller or a household ruler, which applies tension on the rug making it relax.

Reverse rolling the rug where you fold it in the opposite direction.

Steam cleaning is where you make the rug relax by giving it a deep fiber cleaning to remove all dirt causing tension on the fibers.


How To Keep Rug Corners Down On Hardwood Floors

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