Welcome to this guide on how to uncurl/fix a rug that is curling up.

Rug curling up is common;

  • On the edges
  • With rugs on carpet
  • With round rugs
  • With new rugs
  • With outdoor rugs
  • After cleaning

In this post, we are going to talk about how to uncurl a rug by discussing how to fix the curling situations above.

How to Uncurl/Fix A Rug That Is Curling Up

On The Edges

Looking for tips on how to fix curling rug edges?

Rug’s edges are also known as rug corners.

I have already written a comprehensive guide on how to keep rug corners down using four main methods.

Visit that guide to learn more about how to implement each of those methods to make the rug lay flat on the edges.



On Top of the Carpet

What if your rug keeps curling up on the carpet, what can you do?

The easiest method in such a case is giving the rug a steam cleaning.

If you have a steam cleaner or steam mop you can do it yourself.

However, the most recommended solution would be to take your rug to a dealer for a professional steam cleaning.

Apart from steam cleaning, there are many ways to keep rugs from bunching up on carpets that the 11 explained in that post.


Round Rug

Yes, all types of rug shapes are prone to curling up, but a round rug has the highest possibility of having such problems.

The easiest tip on how to keep a round rug from curling up is to use rug grippers such as masking tape and double-sided adhesives.

To avoid the formation of permanent stain marks, you can leave the tape or adhesive overnight, then remove it the next morning.


After Cleaning

Are your rug edges curling after cleaning?

Sometimes it’s not just the edges but the rug having bumps, waves, ripples, and creases in some areas after cleaning.

You must make sure that you are cleaning your rugs professionally to avoid the occurrence of such problems.

What you can do is apply some water or starch spray on the curled-up area, then place a dry microfiber cloth on the area, then iron it out as explained in the video below.


New Rug

Is your new rug curling up?

One of the fastest things you can do is reverse-rolling the rug.

That means flipping the rug over on the opposite side, then fold in an opposite direction.

You can leave the rug tired up in that position for one or two days to completely relax the fibers.

Once you unfold the rug to its original position or state, it should be able to lay flat and stay down on the floor or carpet.

If that does not work, read this guide on how to flatten a new rolled rug to get more tips to stop new rugs from curling up.


Outdoor Rugs

Looking for tips on how to keep outdoor rugs from curling up?

The thing about outdoor rugs is that they are usually subjected to harsh weather conditions like rain or sun, which can cause curling up.

You can prevent that by buying outdoor rugs with in-fitted rug pads or choosing the best material for your outdoor rugs.

Alternatively, you can use a product like the 4 Corners Curl Stop to foster an anti-curling system on your outdoor rugs.


How to Fix A Rug That Is Curling Up


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