Dry Clean Wool Rug

Do you know how to dry clean wool rugs?

Yes, it is easy to learn the process involved in dry cleaning wool rugs as long as;

One, the manufacturer’s wash instructions allow it. For example, in Derwent Sheepskin Wool Area Rug, professional dry cleaning is recommended in the care instructions.

Two, you choose the right dry-cleaning product.

Three, you use the right tools, such as using a soft-bristled wool rug brush instead of a rough-bristled one during the cleaning process.

Four, you are completely confident that you fully understand the cleaning process explained in the 4 guidelines below.

If you have any doubts, its advisable you seek the help of professional wool rug cleaners to minimize losses and damages.

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#1 The Pros & Cons of Dry Cleaning Wool Rugs

The Benefits:

The use of water is eliminated. This is a good thing for wool rugs, which are susceptible to moisture.

As a result, you shall save your rugs from the development of pungent smells and health hazards from mold, mildew, and rug moths.

It’s an environmentally friendly method of cleaning because the cleaning products must be carefully selected.

This is a big advantage for homes with crawling babies, allergy suffers, and pets.

The Disadvantages:

It’s discouraged in the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure you read the label providing instructions on the advised method of cleaning.

You pick the wrong dry-cleaning product. Wool is made from natural materials, which often have protein-based compounds that can be damaged by toxic, biodegradable, and strong cleaning products.

Being too rough when spreading, rubbing, or agitating the cleaning product on the rug.

Using a soft wool rug brush or sponge is highly recommended. Also, avoid the temptation of letting the cleaning product sit too long on the rug.

#2 When to Use Dry Cleaning on wool rugs

When the rug is Slightly Soiled:

Dry cleaning is not a deep cleaning method, so it cannot be used to eliminate big messes.

Also, it is not 100% safe for wool rugs especially, when it’s not being done by a professional.

Note: when the mess is bigger, consider vacuuming instead.


After spot cleaning or stain treatment:

In case too much moisture was used during spot cleaning or stain treatment of wool rugs, dry cleaning the rug can help to get rid of all the excess moisture. 

After Steam Cleaning:

After steam cleaning wool rugs, you want to make sure that you leave the rug completely dry to keep away mold and pungent smells. Giving your rug a dry-cleaning process after steaming it will help you achieve that.

#3 Types of Dry-Cleaning Products

There are three main types of dry-cleaning products;

Out of the three, the method you choose will depend on your budget and type of wool rug.

NOTE: You must always use the right tools to administer these products to minimize wear and tear during the dry-cleaning process.

For example, use a kitchen sifter or spray bottle to evenly and sparingly spread the powder or solution on the rug.

In addition, always use a soft-bristled brush or sponge when spreading the product to keep away damage resulting from too much stress or pressure.

#4 Dry Clean Wool Rug

Step One: Remove excess dust, dirt, and debris on the rug by either shaking it outside, vacuuming, spot cleaning, or steam cleaning it first.

Step Two: Spot clean or treat any visible stains one by one.

Step Three: Use a kitchen sifter to sprinkle or a spray bottle to spray one of the cleaning products above on the rug evenly and generously.

Step Four: In a slow back and forth motion, use a soft-bristled brush or sponge to rub in, tab in, or agitate the dry-cleaning compound deep into the rug fibers. Avoid rough motions like scrubbing.

Step Five: Let the dry-cleaning product sit on the rug for 30 minutes to several hours. Make sure you keep away pets or children who might walk over the rug during this time to eliminate health hazards.

Step Six: Vacuum out the cleaning product.

Step Seven: Repeat the process if the first attempt did not give your rug a complete wash.

Note: You can get a detailed visual explanation on this post, amazon demo, or the video below.


How To Dry Clean Wool Rug


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