Rule of Thumb for Rug Under Dining Table

Are you wondering what is the rule of thumb for rug under dining table?

In other words, what are the rules you should consider or follow when choosing a rug for under dining table area?

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What Is The Best Rug Under Dining Table

EARTHALL Cotton Buffalo Checkered Area Rug

It is made from cotton: This is a very durable and easy to clean rug material for high traffic places. The dining table is a high traffic area which makes this rug an ideal choice.

Hand-woven: Handmade rugs are often very durable and unique. That means this rug will serve you for many years. Discover which country makes the best rugs , especially those which are hand-woven on that post.

Farmhouse checkered design: This patterned design makes this rug easy to blend with many home décors patterns. It also makes this rug versatile such that apart from the dining area, it can also be used in outdoor spaces, living rooms, kitchen,  laundry rooms, entryways and bedrooms among other spaces in your home.

The fabric: It comes in several color shades-blue, white, grey, red, blue and black among others. The fabric is also non-fade, durable and easily washable.

Grace period: After you buy with rug, you shall have a 30-days money back guarantee period where you are allowed to return back the rug if you don’t like it.


Should You Put a Rug Under a Dining Room Table

My answer would be it depends.

Yes, you should if it feels right, looks good and complements your existing home décor design. Additionally, a rug serves many purposes such as protecting floors, and adding beauty among other uses described here.

No, you shouldn’t use a rug under dining room table is some scenarios. For example, if the space is too small, the rug might make your home look too crowded. Additionally, if you cannot afford the right rug which will be easier to clean and maintain, then don’t get a cheaper one which will make life hard for you.

Read this comprehensive should you put a rug under a dining room table guide for more details which will help you decide.


Alternative To Rug Under Dining Table

What if you cannot afford the right rug, are there cheaper alternatives you can use?

What if the rug does not fit in your existing home décor patterns and theme, are there substitutes you can use instead?

Buying a rug is not always a do or die situation. Sometimes, substitutes like floor clothes, mats or carpets would work better.

Read this post on alternative to rug under dining table to discover 7 stand-in’s or replacements you can use instead of a rug.


Pictures Of Rugs Under Dining Room Tables

Visit this post on pictures of rugs under dining room tables to discover more than 30 rug under dining room table ideas which will inspire you to choose the best rug design for your home.








Rule of Thumb for Rug Under Dining Table


#1- Size

If you use the dining chairs to determine the right size, then, you need a rug where all the four legs of the chairs will sit comfortably on the rug even when pulled away.

When you use the dining table to determine the size, then, pick a rug which is 20-30 inches larger than the table on all four sides.

If the space is small, you want to make sure that you leave enough space between the edges of the rug and floor edges. A 6-18 inches space is recommended to remove cluster and the feeling that everything is crumped up together.


#2- Pile

The chair legs can easily get trapped into the fibers of high pile fluffy rugs which can cause fall accidents especially to elderly people, babies and pets.

Additionally, you cannot keep away food particles and other messes from a rug under the dining table. Those particles will get trapped into high pile rug fibers making the cleaning process more difficult.

Thus, it is more advisable to choose a Flat-weave or low-pile rug when it comes to rugs under dining tables.


#3- Decorating

If decide to use the rug to decorate the dining room space you can do this; match the wall color, pattern and design with the lightest hue or background pattern of the rug.

You can then use the bolder hue and conspicuous rug patterns on cushions, curtains, artwork and any other accent on the room.


#4- Shape

Its advisable you match the shape of the rug with the shape of the room. For instance, you need a square or round rug in a square shaped dining room. If the dining room is rectangular, then a rectangular rug would be a best choice.

This is true about matching the shape of the rug with the shape of the dining table. A round dining table need a round a square rug while an oval dining table needs are round or rectangular shaped rug.


#5- Buy the rug last

It is easier to pick the right rug last after you have bought the dining room furniture, artwork and done all the home décor.

That way, the existing décor pattern created by those items in the dining room will help you determine which rug color and pattern will blend well.

Additionally, you will be able to buy a more accurate rug size since you have a clear estimate of the dining area size.



How Big Should a Rug Be Under a Dining Table?

In other words, what size rug under dining table do you need?

The least space or extra room left on all the four sides of the dining table is 24 inches.

Enough room will allow the chairs to be moved in and out of the dining table without getting off the rug.

That will protect the rug from damage and also make the guests or your family members more comfortable during eating hours.

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