Is it okay to place a rug under the coffee table only?

A coffee table provides your living room with a functional and aesthetic benefit.

In the functional role, it serves as a place to put coffee accessories. It also helps to anchor the rug, thus helping to keep the rug in place.

It serves the aesthetic role by helping to beautify the space, especially if its design, shape, and size are well coordinated with the existing home décor.

YES, it is okay to put a rug under the coffee table only when you have a:

SMALL Rug Under Coffee Table Only

Sometimes you might have a very small rug that keeps migrating from one place to the next.

Placing the coffee table on it will help to keep it in place and eliminate all those migration movements.

Also, with a small rug that is perfectly anchored in place, you don’t have to worry about trip and fall accidents happening in your home.

If you are looking to buy a rug that fits in this category, I would recommend you check out this Miemie Soft Round Rug on Amazon.

I recommend it because it is a multipurpose rug that you can also use in the bedroom, baby playroom, and living room when it’s not in use at the coffee table.

In addition, it is easy to clean using a vacuum, or a washing machine.


ANTIQUE Rug Under Coffee Table Only

Maybe you inherited an antique Persian rug or oriental rug passed down to you from the previous generation, you need to know to take care of it.

Such rugs deserve to be placed in strategic places where they capture the attention of guests easily.

They also should be put at central focal points where they bring out that aesthetic traditional beauty in your home décor.

Read this post to discover what to do with old oriental rugs.

This NuLoom Braided Jute rug can make the best choice in this category. I recommend it for two main reasons;

One, it is made from 100% handmade braided jute natural material. This property makes this rug very durable. This means it can be passed down to many generations.

Two, it is a versatile rug that can also be used in the kitchen, hallways, and outdoor deck.




LAYERED Rug Under Coffee Table Only

Rug layering is the act of placing two rugs on top of each other or placing rugs on a carpeted floor.

Sometimes you may avoid using hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, or vinyl flooring and just choose to use a wall-to-wall carpeted floor.

In such a case, you might want to break the monotony of the carpet design by placing small rugs in strategic places like under the coffee table.

Read this post on how to secure area rugs on top of carpets to get tips on how to layer and anchor rugs placed on carpets properly.

LARGE Rug Under Coffee Table Only

Sometimes you might have a large rug but only choose to have the coffee table only resting on the rug.

All the other items in the living room like the furniture are put at some distance far away from the rug.

Check at the example of this Rustic Antique rug where only the coffee table rests on the rug.

UNIQUELY-SHAPED Rug Under Coffee Table Only

Sometimes the rug can have a unique, uneven, and funny shape such that it cannot be properly placed under other furniture.

A small coffee table can be placed on the rug to break the funny and uneven shape.

This is true especially when we are talking about handmade rugs, cowhide rug, or animal-shaped rugs like this cat-shaped rug.

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