Polypropylene vs polyester rugs-how similar and different are they?

In this post, I shall explore the similarities and differences of polypropylene and polyester rugs.

I shall also suggest other posts you can read to get more information about polypropylene rugs.

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Polypropylene vs Polyester Rugs

Pile: This rug is made from 100% polypyrene with a jute backing to increase its durability and help in keeping the rug in place to improve security in your home.

Non-shedding: This will keep your home clean, make cleaning easy and makes the rug ideal for allergy sufferers.

Easy to clean: Since this is a low pile rug, spot cleaning will solve most cleaning needs. You can also vacuum it from time to time.

Pattern: This rug has a traditional pattern which will easily blend well with any home décor design especially the neutral ones.


Polypropylene vs Polyester Rugs Similarities


These rugs come at affordable prices. In other words, they are very cheap when compared to oriental rugs.


Since these rugs are synthetic or man-made, they come in a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from.

Low Maintenance

These rugs are easy to clean with simple methods like regular vacuuming or spot cleaning for stain removal.

They are also stain-resistant which means they will not show dirt easily even when placed in high traffic areas making their maintenance very easy.


They tend to wear down too quickly, especially when used in high traffic areas.

In other words, they have a shorter durability span when compared to rugs made from organic or natural materials.

One advantage is that these rugs will not bounce back, although you will see signs of the wear and tear.

Note: Due to this feature, Nylon Rugs are more recommended for use in high traffic areas.


Look and feel

Both of these rugs are soft and fluffy making the comfortable choices.

Polypropylene is even said to give the same lavish, cozy and soft look and feel given by wool rugs.

You can even add to that coziness by adding a rug pad below the rug to increase the density hence improving the quality.

Stain resistance

Both are stain-resistant, except for oil-based stains since these rugs are oil absorbent.

Read this guide of polypropylene rugs cleaning to get tips on how to remove stains from such rugs.


Fade resistant

Such rugs have a tight construction which makes them to hold their radiant colors longer.

They are colorfast which means they will shed their colors even when exposed to too much moisture or liquid like water.



You want to avoid using these rugs in spaces where they are likely to be exposed to oil stains like the kitchen or dining room.

It’s most recommended to use such rugs in the Livingroom and in outdoor spaces like the patio, wood decks and pool areas among others.



The durability span of synthetic fiber rugs is 3-5 years.

When these rugs are used only in low traffic areas, they tend to last longer than when they are exposed to high traffic areas like entryways, under dining table and the kitchen among others.




Polypropylene vs Polyester Rugs Differences


Water resistance

Polypropylene is more hydrophobic than polyester.

Polyester absorbs some water while polypropylene will not absorb any water at all.

That means polypropylene will dry faster than polyester.

This feature makes polypropylene rugs mildew resistant. Read this guide on how to clean rugs and get smells out to know how you can clean out mold or mildew smells out of rugs.

Note: these rugs require a plastic backing because it does not hold moisture, while a jute backing will keep the water trapped leading to formation of mold and mildew.


Heat resistance

Polyester is more UV resistant than polypropylene. That means polypropylene rugs tend to fade more when exposed to direct sun rays than polyester.

Polypropylene has a lower melting point than polyester which means it will get destroyed when exposed to too much heat.

For example, washing it in hot water or drying it is a dryer will destroy it.

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Polypropylene vs Polyester Rugs
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High reviews: It has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon yet its reviewed by more than 12,000 customers who have bought this rug.

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Resistant to many things like shedding, stains and moisture making it more durable and friendly in homes with pests, small babies and allergy suffers.

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Versatile: It can be used in almost any space in your home like living room, bedroom, dining room and home office among others.

Color and size: It come is a wide variety to meet the needs of almost every client.

Material: Its made from 100% polypropylene material which is one of the most recommended rug materials especially for outdoor spaces.


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