Welcome to this guide where we shall explore tips on how to keep outdoor rugs from blowing away.

There are so many outdoor spaces in your home like the pool, wood decks, or patio among others.

Strong wind and other harsh weather conditions are likely to blow away rugs placed in such outside places.

Use the four tips below that will help to keep your outdoor rugs in place and prevent them from being blown away by the wind.

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How To Keep Outdoor Rug From Blowing Away In 4 Ways

1. Use Outdoor Rug Grippers

There are many types of rug grippers you can use on an outdoor rug to keep it in a place like;

Buy Rug corner grippers that hold the rug corners down.

Get a non-slip rug pad, which will eliminate the moving, sliding, and folding of the rug. Read these two related posts on the best rug pad for hardwood floors and this one on the best rug pad for laminate floors for more tips.

Get a rug with a backing that gives it anti-slip properties. Read this post on how to clean bathroom rugs with a rubber backing.

Apply a double-sided outdoor rug tape on the sides of the rug to hold them down on the floor. This specific rug tape is used for concrete and patio outdoor spaces.

Stick the rugs permanently on the floor using Silicone Caulk. Make sure you watch this video to know the safety measures you should take into consideration when applying this method.

If you are looking for a temporary fix that will not serve you for many months or years, then going for a rug gripper spray can be the best solution.

Velcro strips or square patches are another type of rug gripper you can use on your outdoor rug to keep it in place.



2. Use Weights To Hold Down Outdoor Rug

You can use outdoor rug corner weights like your patio furniture like sofas, chairs, tables, and anything heavy enough.

Also, you can use potted plants to keep your rug from being blown away. The advantage of such plants is that they can complement your home décor and add to the aesthetic beauty reinforced by the rug.

Alternatively, you can use other homemade weights like sandbags to hole your rug down on the edges.

These weights will help to keep your rug down. They will also prevent the corners from folding making them a perfect solution for flattening a folded rug.

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3. Attach The Rug To Something Heavyweight

If you have something heavy on your outdoor spaces like a washer, you can secure your rug in place by following the steps below;

Drill four holes on the rug corners

Insert a screw on each hole

Tie the transparent string on the screw then attach them to the washer to firmly secure the rug further.

Since both the screw and string are transparent, they are not visiting the eye, which means they will not mess up your home décor.


4. Use Alternatives

Instead of using a rug in an outdoor space, you can use other options.

There are alternatives to rugs that are heavier and will resist the wind better like;


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