Yes, outdoor rugs can be left outside because they have these properties;

#1 UV-Resistance

Common synthetic outdoor rug materials like polyester and polypropylene are treated with chemicals that make them UV-resistant.

This property means that such rugs will not fade even when left under direct sunlight. This quality reduces the possibility of such rugs melting or catching fire when exposed to too much heat.

You need to know that those chemicals can also pose some health risks, as explained in this post on Polypropylene rugs’ safety. Thus, you need to carefully read the labels to make sure you are buying original rugs from approved manufacturers only.


#2 Water-Resistant

Outdoor rugs are made from materials that will absorb less water and dry very fast when exposed to sunlight.

That means you can leave an outdoor rug outside in the rain or snow with little worries because it will quickly dry the next day when sunlight comes up. Additionally, it will not retain too much water, which can destroy the rug fibers.

Some options are even waterproof outdoor rugs, which means they will not retain and absorb any water at all. Read this post on can outdoor rugs get wet for more tips on that.

However, there is no point in leaving an outdoor rug outside in the rain. Yes, it can withstand those harsh weather conditions, but they will lower the rug’s longevity in one way or another. Therefore, you can help your rug last longer by not leaving it outside during rainy and snowy seasons.

Read this post to discover some of the best outdoor rug materials for the rain.




#3 Easy to clean

A rug that is left outside will definitely get dirty more than one stored indoors when it’s not in use.

The advantage of outdoor rugs is that you can clean them with simple methods like hosing off, scrubbing, and bleaching, among others.

Also, they will even dry so fast even if you clean them with too much water like in the hosing off method. You can check out this guide on how to clean polypropylene outdoor rugs.

Most outdoor rugs are also reversible, which means you can use them from both sides. When one side gets dirty, you flip the rug to the other side.

They also can sustain the pressure of being cleaned occasionally.


#4 Inexpensive

You can get a high-quality outdoor rug at affordable prices.

Leaving an outdoor rug outside will make it age faster. If it were to serve you for three years, it would likely serve you for 1.5 years.

The good news is that replacing it with a new one is easy since outdoor rug fibers are generally affordable compared to other fibers like oriental rugs, Persian rugs, and natural rugs.


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