How To Get a Crease Out Of a Rubber Backed Rug

One advantage of rubber-backed rugs is that they are very durable, making them an ideal choice for high-traffic areas.

Creases are not common in rubber-backed rugs because the rubber material makes them non -slip, which means they will not move, fold or crease out easily.

Tape It

One way to get creases out of a rubber-backed rug is sticking the rug down with double-sided carpet tape places on the rug corners. The goal is to make the rug lay flat completely to remove any creases on it.


Use Weights

Alternatively, you can put some weight on the rug like books, furniture, and any other heavy object, applying pressure to the crease causing it to straighten out.

Replace It

Finally, if the creases are caused by delamination of the rubber backing, then you will have to replace it with a new one.


PRO TIP: What you want to avoid is using methods where too much heat is involved because the rubber backing can melt or leave residue on your beautiful and costly hardwood flooring.



How To Get a Fold Crease Out Of a Rug

There are many types of creases like kinks, wrinkles, or bumps, among others.

Therefore, a fold is a type of crease found in new rugs or those which have stayed unused for a long time.

Reverse Roll It

This involves folding the rug in the opposite direction of the fold.

If the folds are many or significant, tie the rug in that rolled-up pile using a >string or twine, then leave it like that for 24 hours.

Remember you must stop in case you hear any cracking sounds when you are folding the rug.

Make sure you watch the video below to learn how to reverse roll a rug correctly.


Stretch It Out

Another thing you can try is using a >carpet stretcher to remove the creases, especially if the rug is too large.

If you cannot afford a carpet stretcher, then you can use a >Knee Kicker or your legs to stretch the rug, as explained in the video below.


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Iron It

You can never place the >iron box directly on the rug fibers. It would be best if you used a damp cloth barrier between the iron and the rug.

Additionally, the iron box must be on steam setting while you carry out this process.

Watch the video below to sell how to do it correctly.


Let The Sun Shine On It

Take your rug outside, then lay it flat in the place where the sun rays lit on it directly.

Leave it there for some time, like 2-5 hours, before you take it back inside.

If you have no place where the rug can lay flat outside, like a wood deck or patio, hang it on the clothesline or fence.




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Steam It

>The process of steaming a rug is similar to that of ironing it, as explained above.

The steam applies pressure on the rug, and this will cause the creases to disappear.

If the creases are caused by dirt hidden in the rug fibers, steam cleaning combined with vacuuming will remove all the dirt, grease, and grime.

Sometimes the creases are caused by rug mites or moths hidden in the fibers. Steaming will sanitize the rug the kill them.


Use The Cool Down Method

In steaming, you use hot moisture to remove creases. Similarly, you can use cold moisture from the options below to achieve the same goal.

Place ice cubes on the rug, and then let them melt slowly overnight. Use a dry cloth to soak out all the excess water from the rug the following morning.

Leave the rug to dry completely to remove the possibility of pungent smells developing.

Alternatively, you can horse the rug down with cold water under high pressure. Begin by taking the rug outside, lay it flat, then spray it with water using a >garden hose pipe.



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How To Get a Crease Out Of a Rug


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