How to get creases out of polypropylene rug in 10 ways discussed on this post.

Apart from creases, other types of rug folds include-wav­­es, ripples, wrinkles, bumps, bunching, buckling and curling.

I will show you how to uncurl a rug corners using rug grippers.

You will also get to know how to get bumps out of area rugs by sticking it down with carpet tape, caulk or rug pad.

Also, you will understand how to stop rugs bunching up on slippery hardwood flooring or carpeted flooring surfaces.

What causes creases on polypropylene rugs?

Humidity, wrong installation, wetness and poor placement of heavy objects are the common causes of carpet buckling and rippling. You shall learn how to fix a buckled rug and how to keep area rugs from bunching up by following that link which is a guide on that.

Too much dirt collection into the rug fibers is also another cause of rug folds. This guide will show you how to clean such as rug and get smells out of it to restore it to the original state.

When you buy a new rug, it comes folded up for easy transportation. If that is the cause of creases, wrinkles, ripples and bumps on your polypropylene rug, this guide will show you how to flatten a new rolled rug.

Sometimes the creases might form after cleaning your rug, I wish show you how to get creases out of polypropylene area rug wavy after cleaning.

Other times, the rug might be old such that its fibers wear and tear down. When that happens the original shape of the rug will change since the fibers are not tightly woven anymore causing folds on the rug.

In this guide, I will show you how to flatten any rug using simple methods which can be done by anyone.



A rug which migrates or moves around will curl up especially on the corners or form bumps at the center.

This is especially true with small rugs which are not anchored down by furniture or ones put in a home with an open floor plan.

There are several things you can use to keep a rug in place such as a Rug Pad, Rug Grippers & Carpet Tape among others.


Gorilla Grip Rug Pad

  • It is made in the USA, which means it caters for the needs on many households.
  • It is reversible which means you can use it from both sides, a feature which increases its durability.
  • You can easily vacuum it without worrying about damaging its fibers, which makes cleaning efficient and easy.
  • Trimming it is easily done with a pair of scissors which makes the installation process simple and easy.
  • This rug pad will protect your floors from damage a feature which save you the cost of having to install or refinish your floors from time to time.
  • It is mostly recommended for use in hardwood flooring.



Curl Stop Anti-Curling Gripper

If your polypropylene rug is forming curls, creases or wrinkles on the edges or corners, then you can use rug grippers to keep the rug corners down. This rug gripper is;

  • Multipurpose-Can be used both for indoor and outdoor spaces since its adhesive has a strong grip for any floor surface.
  • Affordable- you can get it for less than $12
  • Well rated- it has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon with more than 1000 reviews which means it’s a popular product used in many households.
  • It’s a pack- instead of getting one gripper, you get a set of 4 to cater for all the four rug corners. This is cost-saving.




If your rug has curls, dents or wrinkles, this is the easiest and best how to fix a buckled polypropylene rug method.

Reverse rolling means folding up the rug with the right side out. In other words, you fold the rug in the opposite direction against the curls.

If the curls or wrinkles were too big or the rug is too large, you can tie it up with a loose cord and leave it folded for one hour or two.

Note: stop folding incase you hear any cracking sounds to avoid damaging the rug fibers. Check out to do it on the video below.



Area rug buckling, curling, folding and bumping occurring due to unequal pressure on the rug fibers. Therefore, realizing that pressure is how to get bumps out of area rugs.

Putting heavy objects like books or furniture on the folded areas will help to uncurl a rug.

This how to flatten a polypropylene rug that has been folded method does not require you to spend any money because you can use readily available objects like furniture.




The goal in fixing buckled rugs is releasing extra tension causing strain on some rug fibers.

Placing the rug under direct sunlight for some time can help to release that tension naturally.

Remember some rugs can discolor or get damaged due to the sun so you want to make sure your rug will be safe when put under too much heat.

Note: You even need to be careful with synthetic material rugs made from Polypropylene or Nylon because they can melt of exposed to too much heat.




Pouring water with high pressure on the rug is a fast how to get ripples out of a polypropylene rug process.

Begin by taking the rolled up rug outside to an open place like an outdoor deck or patio. Next, lay the rug flat then spray it with water using a garden hose pipe.

You can even use a brush to add more pressure. The rug will flatten up by the time it dries.

Make sure that the rug is waterproof, water-resistant or it made from materials which are not damaged by water.

Its not advisable to use this method on highly expensive oriental rugs because the tool much pressure of moving the rug around could damage their fibers.




The simplest way to get wrinkles, dents and creases out of rugs is through steaming it.

You will need a steam iron and a damp towel.

Make sure that the iron is set to the steaming mode before using it on the rug. Also, make sure you test the reaction on a small area of the rug to make sure no damage will occur.

Place the damp cloth on the dent, then move the iron on the

Alternative: On fluffy rugs with higher piles, you can use a blow dryer set to low heat instead. While you blog on the rug, you can use a gentle brush to flatten the rug faster.



Cooling down will do the same work heat will, which is releasing pressure from the rug.

Place ice cubes on the rug and then let them melt slowly overnight.

Use a dry clothe to soak out all the excess water from the rug the following morning.

Make sure you completely dry out the rug to avoid the formation of pungent mold and mildew smells.

Note: Avoid this method if your rug color is likely to bleed due to the water. This can easily cause discoloration on the rug.


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