Are you wondering what material is best for outdoor rugs? In this post we will tell you what should an outdoor rug be made of so that you can shop the right outdoor rug for your home.

An outdoor rug material must have the following properties;

It must be durable to withstand the extreme rainy, humid, damp and hot weather conditions. The material should be able to handle all the high foot traffic experienced on such areas.

Must have stain resistant properties to avoid getting dirty easily or showing dirt stains more pronounced.

It should be fade-resistant because most outdoor places are exposed to direct contact with sunlight.

It should be easy to clean because a rug in outdoor places will be exposed to water, mud and other forms of dirt easily. Cleaning off those messes should not be time consuming and costly.

The material must also be affordable and budget friendly because you do not want to spend too much money on a rug you likely to replace from time to time.

Summary: Polypropylene is the best material for outdoor rugs. Other synthetic rugs materials like Polyester, Nylon and acrylic are also recommended. Natural fiber rugs, such as Jute, Sisal and Seagrass are also considered ideal choices for outdoor rugs.




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This BalajeesUSA Reversible Outdoor Patio Polypropylene Rug  is the most popular among our readers and also a best seller on Amazon!

  • Made from 100% Polypropylene material
  • Can be used from both side which makes it more durable
  • Made both in USA and India for extra versatility
  • Its very durable and portable
  • Its easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes in a dirty-friendly color shade
  • Ideal for patio, deck, beach, rv camping and many other outdoor spaces.

This is the best outdoor rug for the rain because its recommended for rainy, humid, damp and other moisture prone outdoor areas.

Polypropylene also known as Olefin is the top most recommended material for outdoor rugs because it is;

  • Durable
  • Stain-resistant
  • Fade-resistant
  • Non-shedding
  • Strong
  • Affordable
  • Moisture absorbent
  • Soft and comfortable

With Polypropylene, you will get a rug material which will withstand high moisture, and too much heat from the sunlight. You will also get an affordable and durable rug which will be stain-resistant and easy to clean. This type of fiber is also soft to provide adequate comfort and warmth to the under feet.

Caution: One disadvantage of Polypropylene is that it is highly flammable. This means it can catch fire if places on surfaces getting intense heat or those exposed to too much fire like grills or fire pits among others.



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Made from Polyester and rubber
• Comes in a 2-pack package
• Its easy to clean and maintain by sweeping or shaking off dust outside
• Has a non-slip backing to keep it from moving around
• Can also be used in laundry room, garage and entryways
• Has a 10-year warranty

This Specific Sierra Concepts Outdoor Entryway Welcome Polyester Mat/Rug is the most popular among our readers and also a best seller on Amazon!

Polyester is highly recommended for dry climates because its fade resistant even when exposed to too much sunlight. This material is also very durable, which means it will serve you for long before you need another replacement. This type of rugs comes in different colors which means you will have a wide variety to choose from.

Caution: Avoid using polyester in dining areas, kitchen and other places where oil-based stains are likely to get on the rug. These types of stains are very hard to clean out on a polyester rug.



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This Specific Mohawk Home Rainbow Area Rug
is the most popular among our readers and also a best seller on Amazon!
• Made from 100% Nylon
• Has a very beautiful vibrant rainbow design
• It’s very durable to hold up to high foot traffic areas
• Its easy to clean and care for
• Its kid and pet friendly making it ideal for use in other areas in your home
• Its stain resistant
• Made in the USA

Nylon is a material mostly recommended for high foot traffic areas because its long-lasting, stain resistant and non-shedding. Nylon is also very easy to clean and comes in many color shades plus beautiful patterns to meet the needs of most clients.

Caution: Nylon material gets hot very fast. If placed in areas with direct sunlight contact, it will heat up causing discomfort to the underfoot. Therefore, this material should be placed in outdoor areas without too much heat.


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This specific Smart Design Reversible Outdoor Rubber mat/rug is the most popular among our readers and also a best seller on Amazon!• Made from 100% plastic
• Its double-woven giving it ability to reverse from one side to the other
• Easy to fold, store and carry around to the next place
• Its durable to serve you longer

Plastic rugs are made from recycled things which are woven together to make the rug. This property makes such rugs eco-friendly and cost saving.

Most plastic rugs have low pile height which makes them easy to clean and maintain even when placed in dirty prone areas.

Additionally, plastic rugs have a double weaving which means you can use them from both sides. This reversibility property adds to their long-lasting because you can flip the rug to the other side when one gets too old or highly stained.

Most plastic rugs are foldable for easy transportation from one place to the next.



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This specific Gorilla Grip Heavy Duty Rubber Doormat
is the most popular among our readers and also a best seller on Amazon!• It is made from 100% rubber
• Its strong and durable to serve you for longer periods
• Comes in stylish colors to boost your home décor
• It is water absorbent hence protecting your floors and rug fibers
• It is easy to clean
• Comes with a 10-year warranty
• Also ideal for office, garage, barn and office

This is the opposite of plastic and other PVC-based rug materials like polyester.

Rubber is more durable than plastic, especially when used in outdoor spaces because its waterproof and fade resistant. However, this same property makes it more expensive.

In terms of security, rubber is non-slip which means it does not move around to cause any slip and fall accidents.

Rubber is the best noise and sound-proofing material choice because plastic tend to produce noise and sounds.

Rubber is also anti-bacterial, a property which makes it safe for babies and even people with allergies.


Natural rugs are made from natural plant fibers and examples include:

These types of rugs have the following properties which make them ideal for outdoor areas:

They hand-woven which means their fibers are firmly joined together to make them more durable and long-lasting.

They are biodegradable, a feature which makes then eco-friendly and safe for babies, allergic people, and pets.

They are very soft making them comfortable and warm for the underfoot.

Caution: Most natural rugs, especially Jute are not easy to clean. Additionally, direct sunlight will cause natural rugs to fade and discolor. Thus, avoid using natural rugs in areas with direct sun contact. Finally, natural rugs are prone to pests, such as moths and rugs smells, such as mildew so they should always be kept clean.

NuLOOM JUTE Natural Rug

• 100% Jute
• Its handmade
• Highly durable
• Ideal for use in dining room, kitchen, hallway and living room.
• Has Braided tassels
• Has a neutral color pallete


• 100% Seagrass
• Its China-made
• Made from natural fibers
• Has a coastal look & design
• Its long-lasting
• Its non-shedding
• A perfect fit for living room, dining room and hallway
• Has a neutral color pallete to blend with any home décor

Safavieh SISAL Natural Fiber Rug

• Its hand-woven
• Great for beach house homes and apartments
• Has a low pile of 0.5 inches
• Made by Safavieh, brand with 100 years plus reputation
• Has a unique Tiger paw design in its weaves

Hede COTTON Natural Rug

• Made from 100% cotton
• It is machine-washable
• Its hand-woven
• Its reversible meaning both sides can become the top
• Its multi-functional since it can be used in the kitchen, bedroom and almost every space in your home.



What Should outdoor rug be made of?

Outdoor rugs are made from synthetic fibers like polypropylene, nylon, polyester, plastic, rubber or Acrylic. They can also be made from plant fibers commonly known as natural rug fibers like jute, cotton, sisal, sea grass and wool. Polypropylene is the most recommended rug material for outdoor rugs among all those options.


Where are outdoor rugs placed?

Below are some of the places where an outdoor rugs are placed:

  • Decks
  • Outdoor balcony
  • Pool areas
  • Patio
  • Under outside dining tables
  • Camping grounds
  • Travel Rv’s


Can you leave outdoor rugs outside?

Yes, you can, based on the following reasons. Some outdoor rugs are waterproof which means they will not get soaked up by the water. Additionally, others may not be waterproof but they are water-resistant which means they absorb less water and dry out quicker. If the outdoor rug has a waterproof or water-resistant property, then it can be left outside. Also, the rug must have fade-resistant properties to resist damage from direct sunlight.


#1 Rug storing

Rule: if the outdoor rug is not in use, store it away.

When the rug is not in use like in extreme weather conditions in winter where there is too much snow and rain, make sure you fold up the rug, then keep it until summer when the weather will be more friendly and outside spaces will be used more. If you plan to store it for longer time, tire it down with Bungee cords then put it in a plastic tarp cover to protect it from too much dust and pests.


#2 Rug Cleaning

Rule: Clean the outdoor rug regularly. At least once per month. Make sure you clean both sides of the rug and dry out completely before use.

For small fresh or mild stains and spills spot clean with a damp cloth. For large spills, rinse it off with water from your garden hose pipe. Make you dry it out completely after cleaning.

Read this rug cleaning guide for more tips on getting out stains and smells out of outdoor rugs.


#3 Rug Pad

If the outdoor rug you buy does not come with a backing, make sure you shop a rug pad while shopping for the rug to serve the following purposes;

  • Protection of the floors and rug fibers
  • Cushioning
  • Sound-proofing
  • Security to prevent slip and fall accidents

Read this guide on rug pad choice guide to understand the ideal rug pad you need for your outdoor rug.

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