Knowing the best rug under bed size queen is vital to completing the styling of your bedroom.

In other words, What Size rug goes under a queen bed?

Answering this question requires understanding the most available rug sizes in the market.

When selecting a rug, remember it should extend from the bedside enough to be beautiful and presentable.

Rug sizes differ, and before you purchase one, you must consider many factors, such as size, where to place the rug, color, room structure, and fittings.

There is a possibility of ordering a custom rug of your ideal size, but it is advisable to consider cleaning and moving

Knowing how big a rug should be under a queen bed depends on the sizes discussed below.

What Size Rug Goes Under a Queen Bed?

4×6 Rug Under Queen Bed

The moment you feel like placing a 4 by 6 feet rug in your room, remember creativity is vital.

A queen size bed is large, and you don’t expect a 4×6 rug under a queen bed to provide the best coverage.

Rug Placement: When posting a 4 by 6 rug, you will be forced to use two to place on both sides of the queen bed.
A 4×6 rug is small and cannot occupy enough space in the room.

Rug Rule: The first rule is to ensure you have two rugs to place on both sides of the bed.

Ensure you have a carpet to hold the rug. Keeping it clean and safe to step on is highly advisable.
Always ensure you place the rug on the side of the bed with a larger space to look beautiful.

Best rug to buy: There are many types of rugs depending on the design that fits you most.

Some of the most common rugs include:

5 x 7 Rug Under Queen Bed

A 5 by 7 feet area rug is ideal under a queen bed, even though it is the smallest you can consider.

Compared to the 4 by 6 rug, a 5 by 7 foot can be used alone.

The rug size is perfect enough not to distort the room’s overall appearance.

Rug Placement: The 5 x 7 rug under the queen bed is best for the side or at the footsteps.

Rug Rule: It is advisable to always place the rug in the free space next to the furniture.

If you intend to layer a 5 x 7 rug, ensure it goes about an 8×10 or a 9×12 size rug.

Best rug to buy: Some of the 5 by 7 rugs you can find in the market that can fit under a queen bed include:

5 x 8 Rug Under Queen Bed

A 5 by 8 feet rug is large enough and must be treated cautiously when placing your room.

It is advisable to fit it under the bed to ensure it extends far from the sides of the bed.

Rug Placement: Ensure the rug is at least 18 inches beyond the sides of the bed to achieve the desired beauty.

Rug Rule: The rug should extend at least 18 inches from the bedside.

Additionally, it is advisable to place the rug in the room where there is a large area.

Best rug to buy: some of the best 5 x 8 rugs that you can buy include:

6 x 9 Rug Under Queen Bed

A 6 by 9 rug is ideal and always fantastic because it can take a larger area under a queen bed.

Rug Placement: The 6’x9’ rug size can lie under the bed, leaving both sides exposed to ensure a larger area for you to step.

Rug Rule: You can position the rug to cover a larger area on the queen bed’s sides.

The rug is best for rooms that are 14’x16’ or more significant.

Best rug to buy:


8×10 Rug Under Queen Bed

A rug that is 8×10 in size provides soft stepping and a relaxing area because of its large size.

This rug is ideal for a queen bed because it provides a beautiful view of the large room.

Rug Placement: Place the rug under the bed close to or under the most significant furniture.

An 8 by 10 size rug can cover the whole under the bed, but that depends on your desire.

Rug Rule: Ensure the rug leaves at least 24 inches around the bed.

Best rug to buy: Some of the best 8×10 rug under queen bed rugs you can find in the market include:

9×12 Rug Under Queen Bed

A vast room needs a large rug. As a result, a 9×12 rug under a queen bed would be ideal.

The rug will leave space on both sides of the bed while still covering the whole area under the bed.

In fact, such a large rug can act as a cover for your floor areas which is not impressive.

Rug Placement: A 9×12 rug can be placed under the queen bed and extend 24 outside the stepping Area.

It is advisable to position the rug under a queen bed so that it covers a larger Area up to the position of other furniture.

Rug Rule: The most crucial rule is ensuring that the rug of the best color complements the room’s appearance.
Additionally, you can position add a smaller rug on top next to the bedside to achieve the best comfort.

Best rug to buy: There are many designs and sizes of 9×12 area rugs you can find online: Some of the rugs under the size queen bed include:


Wrapping It Up

Among many other challenges, attaining the desired appearance of your bed is quite challenging.

Even though this is the case, rugs under bed size queen come in different sizes, and this article details those rugs and how to fit them.

If you are planning to buy a rug for your room or change the one you have, ensure you take the color of your room, the flooring, and the position of the queen bed.

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