Welcome to this guide on how to clean polypropylene rugs.

Cleaning polypropylene rugs is not hard because such rugs are generally easy to clean and maintain.

In this post, I will show you 5 methods you can use to keep your polypropylene rugs clean all the time.

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Unique Loom Traditional Area Rug

Pile: This rug is made from 100% polypyrene with a jute backing to increase its durability and help in keeping the rug in place to improve security in your home.

Non-shedding: This will keep your home clean, make cleaning easy and makes the rug ideal for allergy sufferers.

Easy to clean: Since this is a low pile rug, spot cleaning will solve most cleaning needs. You can also vacuum it from time to time.

Pattern: This rug has a traditional pattern which will easily blend well with any home décor design especially the neutral ones.


Spot cleaning is a method mostly used for stain removal.

The good news is that polypropylene is generally a stain resistant rug material, except for oil-based stains.

The rule of thumb for cleaning stains on any rug fiber is making sure that you clean the mess immediately after it occurs.

That will make stain removal easier, because letting it sit longer will cause the stain to spread deeper into the rug fibers, which will make removing it harder and more time consuming.

Below are polypropylene rugs stain cleaning tips you can use;


#1- Liquid Stains

Take a wet cloth or paper towel then blot the liquid out.

Avoid rubbing so that you don’t spread the stain deeper into the rug fibers.

For liquid messes with smells like dog urine, you can add a mild soap like dish washing soap on the cloth to remove any smells and completely get rid of the stain.

For more details on this, read this guide on how to clean urine from polypropylene rugs. On that post, you shall also get tips on how to clean smoke, mildew and pee smells out of rugs.


#2- Solid Stains

Make sure you scrape or sweep away all the debris or solid particles with a dustpan and brush first before cleaning the rug.

After all the solid particles are removed, follow the spot cleaning procedure explained above on cleaning liquid stains.

#3- Oil-Based Stains

You will need a dry-cleaning liquid or solvent to remove such stains.

Apply the liquid then let it sit for at least 15 minutes. After, apply a mild dish washer soap on the stain then rub it gently with a toothbrush or gentle brush.

Bloat all the liquid out with a wet cloth or paper towel.

Finally, make sure you leave the rug dry to avoid the formation of mold or mildew.


Vacuuming prolongs the lifespan of a rug.

If dust particles and other solid debris are left to sit on the rug fibers for too long, they end up causing a build-up.

Too much build up will result in weak rug fibers and finally tear and wear.

It’s recommended you vacuum polypropylene rugs at least once a week.

If your home has crawling babies, pets, many house guests, or allergy suffers, then you should vacuum the rug twice a week.


Yes, you can steam clean polypropylene rugs as long as you remember that it’s melting point is 160 degrees.

Therefore, you must use a steam cleaner which is lower than that to avoid melting down the rug.

Apart from cleaning your rug, steam cleaning will help to kill dust mites and moths hidden in rug fibers.

It will also sanitize your rugs by killing all the germs hidden in the rug fibers.

If the rug is color-shedding, then you cannot use steam cleaning on it since the color will run out.


One of the easiest ways to thoroughly wash a rug fully is by pressure washing it through horsing it down in an open surface.

Take the rug outside on an open area such as the patio. This method makes cleaning outdoor Polypropylene rugs easy.

Spray water on it using a garden hose pipe.

Apply a mild carpet soap on the surface then scrap the rug using a mild brush.

Rinse the soap off using the hose pipe.

Thoroughly dry the rug after you are done washing it.




In some cases, you might prefer not to wash the rug yourself at home.

For example, the rug might be too large. Such a rug will need a wide clean area and also a broad drying space, which you might not have in your home, especially if it’s a rented apartment.

Alternatively, self-cleaning might not recommended according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Also, you rug might be too expensive, which means you need to take more caution when handling it since any slight damage would mean buying another one.

Professionally cleaning your rug at least once a year is one of the most recommended practices you should adopt to keep your rugs clean and fresh all the time.



After using any of the cleaning methods above, you must make sure that you completely dry the polypropylene rug to keep away pungent smells.

Too much heat from a dryer or direct sunlight will easily damage polypropylene fiber.

The most recommended drying method is air-drying the rug on a clothesline or railing or any flat surface.

You ensure that you dry both sides completely before taking the rug inside.


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Reputable brand: Safavieh is the leading company known for producing high quality Shad rugs.

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Plush texture: If you looking for something cozy, soft, luxurious and thick-this rug is the best choice.

Resistant to many things like shedding, stains and moisture making it more durable and friendly in homes with pests, small babies and allergy suffers.

High-end style: It features both a modern and traditional design to complement many home décor choices.

Versatile: It can be used in almost any space in your home like living room, bedroom, dining room and home office among others.

Color and size: It come is a wide variety to meet the needs of almost every client.

Material: Its made from 100% polypropylene material which is one of the most recommended rug materials especially for outdoor spaces.


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