As you finish styling your living room, the rug size for the couch is a vital piece you must consider.

The size of the rug determines the appearance of the floor. You have to ensure it is attractive and complements the room and couch color.

Buying the right rug size transforms the room’s appearance, giving it a fantastic look.

Some of the factors to consider when shopping for rug size for a couch is what we shall talk about in this post.


For Living Room With Sectional 

The best size rug for a sectional couch depends on your taste, room size, and furniture.

Among many other factors, the rug size is vital to consider before making a purchase decision.

A rug for a sectional couch with a chaise varies depending on the much you want to cover. 

With Chaise

If you have a couch with a chaise, then you have a lot more to ponder when buying a rug.

A smaller rug will only occupy the open space in front of the sectional couch.

A larger rug will extend beyond the open space, calling for more creativity to ensure a perfect blend.


6 Feet By 9 Feet

If you choose to place a 6×9′ rug, propose placing it in front of the couch with a chaise.

You can place a table on top of the rug to ensure it complements the room’s appearance.

This rug is ideal for a 60 by 80 feet couch with a chaise.

8 Feet By 10 Feet

An 8×10′ rug may go under the front legs of the chase couch with a small margin.
In this case, the chase is still on top of the 8 feet by 10 feet rug.

This rug is ideal for an 85 by 90 feet couch with a chaise.


9 Feet By 12 Feet 

A 9×12′ rug is considered large size and ideal for a bigger sitting room.

9 feet by 12 feet rug can go under the L-shaped sectionals and still extend to cover a large area in front of the couch.

Although this may appear as an oversized area rug, the living room or sofa size can determine its appearance.

This rug is ideal for a 90 by 115 feet couch with a chaise and above.


When you shop for a rug, it is vital to consider the size of the rug and the positioning of the sectional couch.

Some of the rug sizes you consider include:

  • 3 feet by 5 feet rug size
  • 5 feet by 8 feet rug size
  • 8 feet by 10 feet rug size
  • 9 feet by 12 feet rug size
  • 12 feet by 15 feet rug size

Use this rug-size calculator to find the most ideal rug for a room with a couch.


How do you size a rug for a couch?

Sizing a rug for a couch involves trials to ensure you find the best position. Always run the rug the length of the sofa and leave a walkway between large furniture pieces.


What size rug for l shaped sectional?

9 feet by 10 feet rug is the most ideal for an L-shaped sectional couch.

How big should my living room rug be?

Typically, the ideal living room rug sizes are 8’x10′ and 9’x12′, even though that may depend on the room size.


What size rug for u shaped sectional?

The ideal rug for a U-shaped sectional couch can be at least 9′ or 10′, even though the size may differ depending on the room size and the sofa’s positioning.

What size rug for a sectional couch with a chaise?

An 8 feet by 10 feet rug size is ideal for a sectional couch with a chaise. If your room is larger, you can have a bigger run to ensure a balanced appearance.

What size area rug for open concept living room?

A 5×8 rug can be placed in front of the sofa. On the other hand, a 9×12 can extend to go under the front legs of the couch. This means the size may differ depending on your needs.

How to choose a rug size?

The ideal rug size for a standard living room is 8×10 feet to 9×12 feet, and the positioning depends on the furniture you want to lie on the sofa.
Traditionally, leaving a 30 by 36 inches walkway in front of the stepping place off the couch is advisable.


Final Thought

The rug size for the couch depends on your interest and test.

Ensuring the proportionality of the space covered by the rug and the sofa size is advisable.

A wide living room area demands a larger couch, requiring a wider rug.
Equally, a standard room requires a mid-sized rug.

The aim is not to preserve the room’s natural ambiance but to bring a complementary appearance.

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